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How Interlight Increased Business with ProTenders

Interlight Objectives

With an already strong retail presence in the Abu Dhabi market, Interlight wanted to expand their footprint within the competitive B2B segment of the UAE and GCC con-struction industry. The company also wanted to become smarter with their business development activities and focus on the most profitable use of their sales manpower. These two objectives meant their management had to decide between investing in expanding their outbound sales team or finding an alternative cost-effective solution to achieve the same results by increasing brand exposure and growing inbound inquiries and outbound pipeline through better marketing.


  • Expand awareness of products across GCC
  • Grow profitability through efficient sales tactics


  • Intelligence Product Catalogue
  • Company Profile


  • Increased RFQs and sales meetings
  • Products can now be easily specified

Interlight Evaluation Criteria & Selecting ProTenders

Weighing the pros and cons, Interlight decided against expanding their sales team and instead, opted to explore ways to increase exposure of their B2B product offering, while also growing their sales pipeline. The search led them to ProTenders’ award-winning construction platform, where Interlight came across the remarkable capabilities of the platform’s Visibility and Insights modules. Un-like other solutions, ProTenders offered them the ability to satisfy their brand exposure objective, as well as their other objective of sourcing quality leads.

Value of ProTenders’ Visibility module

The Visibility module gave Interlight the ability to showcase over 45 products including specifications on the platform, allowing them to reach all corners of the UAE and GCC markets, and source enquiries directly from interested parties. Another benefit was access to the contact details of visitors who viewed Interlight’s company profile, projects and product catalogue, thus enabling the Interlight team to connect with them and proactively explore sales opportunities.

Value of ProTenders’ Intelligence Module

Interlight was impressed by ProTenders’ In-telligence module which offered accurate data on project participants, status, bud-gets and more on ongoing and completed projects. The management team felt this would give their sales team a competitive edge when understanding the scope of va-rious projects and deciding which projects to bid on.Interlight were particularly excited about ProTenders’ support team as well. With the help of a dedicated Customer Success Ma-nager and ProTenders’ inhouse Research Team, Interlight were delighted to learn that any data request such as contact details of a contractor or update on a project would be answered within 24-48 hours.

We saw sales with Electromechanical contractors and sub-con-tractors increase by 25% over the first half of the year because our new product range was showcased on the platform.

Marc El Jichi

Managing Partner

Results & Outcome

After only 1 month of subscribing to ProTenders, Interlight was able to experience an uptick in B2B inbound enquiries for their products from companies outside Abu Dhabi. They received 2 RFQs through the system and received positive feedback from design consultants on how easy it was to get their products specified in projects.

The Interlight sales team were also able to reach out to interested parties by identifying those users who had visited their company profile, project portfolio or product catalogue. In addition, within two weeks of leveraging intelligence data, the team also experienced success by setting up 3 meetings with new contacts working on landmark projects.

Final Thoughts

Interlight understands how brand exposure and promotion together with the clever use of a research tool can lead to successful pre-qualification with new partners in the construction industry. In order to be found beyond their physical store location, they needed to be on the platform where construction professionals were searching. Instead of only relying on hiring more staff to grow revenues, the Interlight team advised adopting a two-pronged cost-effective approach: develop and grow an inbound pipeline through enhanced brand promotion and, leverage research tools to assist sales teams with accurate market information to achieve sales targets.

About Interlight

Interlight was established in 1974, when the United Arab Emirates was gearing up to make a distinguished mark on the world. Interlight’s core focus is to design, supply and install a wide range of products spanning from architectural, residential and commercial lighting. Interlight has been based in Abu Dhabi and extended their services to residen-tial buildings, shopping malls, hotels, villas, palaces, office towers and other construction fields across other cities.

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