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How DAMAC Properties Successfully Digitized their Tendering Process

DAMAC's Objectives

As a pioneer in the region, DAMAC Properties are constantly innovating in all areas of their business. With their expansion around the world, the organization began facing a number of challenges, in particular, the large amount of wastage at every step of the process. Thus, the key driver of DAMAC Properties’ needs to take tendering online, was the optimization of processes across all aspects of front end tender design, document reviews, approvals and bidding stages.


  • High wastage of time and paper
  • Global expansion led to tendeg complexities


  • eTendering


  • Increased efficiency and cost-savings
  • Enhanced decision-making

Enhanced Decision-Making and Reducing Costs

From the cumbersome FTP process to the transfer of heavy files, to time wasted in couriering documents and tons of overflowing paper, DAMAC Properties’ processes with over 2000 companies on their supplier list were very tedious. Adopting the ProTenders platform allows for a strong seamless experience for all parties involved because the DAMAC Properties team are now able to manage tenders in real-time from answering clarification questions to comparing and analyzing bids to having document version control. This has resulted in less confusion, quicker collaboration internally and externally, faster decision-making, shorter tender cycle times and reduced costs.

Customizing the Platform for Specific Requirements

DAMAC Properties highlights ProTenders’ unique ability to create bespoke add-ons on the platform to offer a user-friendly interface. This flexible and modular approach was a compelling factor for DAMAC Properties in choosing ProTenders and meant no disruption to the team’s current processes. This flexible and modular approach was a compelling factor for DAMAC Properties in choosing ProTenders and meant no disruption to the team’s current processes. The platform offers a centralized repository able to handle any scope such as a single project or a megaproject, enabling DAMAC Properties and their consultants or contractors to easily work together in a secure and user-friendly environment. All activities, documents, bids and communications are centralized in one location that is available 24/7 online and accessible from anywhere by simply logging in.

Increasing Time Efficiency

Another benefit for DAMAC Properties in adopting ProTenders has been the significant increase in time, efficiency. Prior to the move, DAMAC Properties used to spend a large amount of time manually gathering and reprocessing supplier information from 2000 90% companies. According to DAMAC Properties, 90% of reprocessing of supplier information is now automated and performed on ProTenders, allowing the teams to focus their time and efforts on the output - making sound supplier decisions and enabling instant decision-making for senior management.

Testimonials perc img 90% of DAMAC's reprocessing supplier information is now automated enabling the teams to focus their time and efforts on the output.

Final Thoughts

The digitization of DAMAC Properties’ complex tendering process led them to achieve quicker decision-making, cost reductions and increased internal transparency while maintaining price confidentiality around their entire supply chain. Working with ProTenders has reaffirmed DAMAC Properties’ commitment to being at the forefront of innovation in the construction industry.

About DAMAC Properties

DAMAC Properties has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s luxury real estate market since 2002, delivering luxury residential, commercial and leisure properties regionally, across the UAE, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Lebanon.

Tendered through ProTenders

Aykon City Hotel & Serviced Residences

Dubai, UAE

The project's scope of work consist of a mixed use development located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. AYKON City, a 4 million square feet development is a six tower luxury project comprising Dubai's first all-suites, 80 storey AYKON Hotel and Residences, a 63 storey DAMAC Maison Serviced Hotel Residences, a 60 storey apartment tower, a 65 storey office tower, a 35 storey residential tower and a 30 floor ultra-luxury residential towers featuring state-of-the-art car lifts to each unit and direct views over Dubai Canal and Safa Park.

USD $2.1Bn
Project Value

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