About ProTenders

We envision a construction industry in which the barriers to efficient, open collaboration have been removed, so that companies in every sector of the industry can improve their profitability.

We aim to remove the barriers by providing a platform that can be used by every category of organization in the industry to improve efficiency, so project owners and developers, architects, engineers, main contractors, subcontractors, and equipment and materials suppliers can handle more work and keep costs down. In short, we help you buy better and sell more.

Our Leadership Team

  • Karim Helal
    Karim Helal
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Christian Azar
    Christian Azar
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Faris Abu Yaghi
    Faris Abu Yaghi
    Vice President Sales - Middle East and Asia
  • Daniel Lambert
    Daniel Lambert
    Advisor - Business Development
  • Gillian Morris-Talbot
    Gillian Morris-Talbot
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Fabrice Magini
    Fabrice Magini
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Daniel Haran
    Daniel Haran
    Chief Technical Officer

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ProTenders Features
  • Centralize and streamline your tendering process
  • Feel safe and confident with your data
  • Network with other business owners and much much more...

Awards given to ProTenders

WSA Award Arabnet Award