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Helal & Partners

How A Lead Consultant Uses a Digital Tendering Platform to Build at Scale

Helal & Partners' Objectives

As a leading consultant firm, Helal & Partners actively seeks efficiency and innovation across all areas of business. Prior to working with ProTenders, the firm faced project efficiency difficulties associated with issuing and managing multiple tenders, comparing bids and time involved with recompilation of final documentation after each addendum. The firm also wanted to expand their network of specialized sub-consultants and contractors in the UAE and invite them to bid.


  • Tender efficiency
  • Risk mitigation
  • Expand sub-consultant network


  • eTendering
  • Partner search


  • Increase efficiency in tendering
  • Discover verified sub-consultants / contractors

Mitigate Risk in Tendering

With the adoption of the eTendering module, Helal & Partners are able to centralize documents allowing for greater functional management of revisions and guaranteed coordination of final documents. The tender evaluation report ensures efficiency as it allows the firm to make general and specific comparisons tailored to each project. These two features together makes it easier for different project teams within the firm to issue and manage tenders simultaneously.

Expand Partner Network

ProTenders’ Intelligence module enables the firm to browse tens of thousands of sub-consultants and contractors and identify the ones with desired project experience in the relevant sectors. With more partners in their network, the Helal & Partners team is able to negotiate and achieve better prices and terms for new projects

The use of ProTenders for tendering has allowed us to spend time more precisely and carry out detailed evaluations and value engineering tasks. Moreover, the intelligence provided by the platform has given the team added confidence when approaching new developers.

Nadim Helal

Managing Partner, Helal & Partners

Final Thoughts

Since working with ProTenders, ADCE has led the property development market with a new standard for timely project delivery resulting in increased cost efficiencies and in client satisfaction. The firm benefited from higher net promoter scores as they were able to surpass landlord expectations and guarantee satisfaction, due to quicker turnaround times, especially on their government portfolio. Digitizing has also ensured clear communication with all third parties, greater transparency and increased the number of vendors on ADCE’s supply chain.

About Helal & Partners

Helal & Partners has gained a strong reputation as a consultant firm in the UAE that has been involved in over 1800 projects since 1968. They are well recognized for their expert team of architects and engineers who have completed work in a variety of sectors such as urban development, office high-rise buildings, residential architecture (apartment high-rise towers, residential compounds, palaces, private and commercial villas), government and institutional architecture as well as interior space planning and design.

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