WME is an independent multi-disciplinary consultancy providing ENGINEERING SERVICES for the built environment. They are based in the Middle East, with offices in Bangalore and London, delivering engineering solutions around the globe.

WME is committed to providing a client-focused integrated service. Their structural, building services and infrastructure engineers in the UAE have an excellent understanding of conditions and practices in the wider Gulf region, and a wealth of experience in international construction industries. WME works collaboratively with specialists in facade, fire, building physics, environmental and sustainability engineering.

WME’s engineers are passionate about creative buildability. They deliver practical cost-effective design solutions, developed through in-depth knowledge of best practice and an openness to innovation — at all stages of a project’s development and often in the most demanding of climates.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • Lead Consultant (1999)
  • Architect of Record (2002)
  • Structural Engineer (2003)
  • MEP Engineer (2009)
  • Design Architect (2001)
  • Engineer of Record (2004)
  • Project Manager (2006)
  • Civil Engineer (2008)
  • Acoustics Consultant (2100)
  • Elevator and Lift Consultant (2102)
  • Sustainability Consultant (2107)
  • IT Consultant (2110)
  • Interior Designer (2111)
  • Traffic Consultant (2120)
  • Facade Consultant (2121)
  • Security Consultant (2124)
  • Fire Protection Consultant (2125)
  • BIM Consultant (2133)
  • Fit Out Consultant (2135)
  • Infrastructure Consultant (2160)
  • Feasibility Consultant (2200)
  • Audio Visual Design Consultant (2210)
  • Vertical Transportation Consultant (2802)
  • Waste Management Consultant (2812)
  • Other Specialized Consultant (2999)


WME Engineering Consultants has not yet added certifications.


WME Engineering Consultants has not yet added awards.


Office 4,5,6 Emarat Atrium Building Sheikh Zayed Road,
Founded in 2012

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