Shadow Corner was established as a response to economic need and the opportunity to use the qualification, extensive industry experience, knowledge and skills of a team of young, vibrant and highly ambitious entrepreneurs to empower themselves through self employment.

Shadow Corner [SCC] is one of the licensed companies from Abu Dhabi distribution company - ADDC SCC - was established in 2000 by eng. H. Mlouk in Syria. It has successfully executed a huge quantity of projects in Syria. Through out those years the company was well established and was known for high quality, safety and professional way of services. In 2004, Eng. H. Mlouk passed the exam in Abu Dhabi distribution company. In 2007, SCC was established in UAE, Abu Dhabi, since then we have been offering for large and small products.

The business organization is in three complimentary sectors namely:

1 : Planning & design analysis: Our engineers are fully qualified in all aspects. The electro - mechanical section employs an accuracy and speed for planning & design analysis. We present a technical innovation at the site and gather all the engineers and technicians regularly in order to assess and update the most recent methods.

2 : Installation and maintenance: Supply and install all necessary materials for the following systems:

a. L.V installation,
b. All low current system,
c. HVAC system,
d. Fire fighting system,
e. Plumbing.

Additional to all necessary testing and commissioning installation upto the consultants/clients, furthermore we are more capable to continue the operation and maintenance to meet up the satisfaction of our clients.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • MEP Contractor 8 Projects
  • Electrical Engineer 1 Project


Shadow Corner Electromechanical Works has not yet added certifications.


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Abu Dhabi Office - Head Office
Shabiya 12, Nr UAE Exchange
PO Box 112813
Abu Dhabi

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