BACKGOUND ROYAL VOLTAGE ELECTROMECHANICAL WORKS is a 100% UAE national based company which Located in Hamdan Street Abu-Dhabi. It is established in 2007. This organization basically experienced in Electromechanical job such as Electrical installation, Cabling, Execution of Sub Station and Sub main Power Stations, Transformers and all works related to Electrical. Supply, Installation & Maintenance for street lightning, Play Grounds, A/C, all Building Electrical Services and Low Voltage systems (MATV, CCTV, Intercom, Fire Alarm, Telephone PA system, Data System). Our organization team is composed of highly qualified and experienced Engineers, Draftsman, Supervisor and well skilled labors in administration which is added a big advantage to focusing on the providing best quality works to assure a long term relation with the customers to suit their needs and reach the best level of satisfaction. Today also, we offering in market a Switch Gear( MDB, SMBD, FDB, C.Bank etc.) it is locally assembled and factory in Dubai. ROYAL VOLTAGE ELECTROMECHANICAL WORKS has carried out some Electrical Projects in Abu-Dhabi and Masdar City (New Green City). This company is fully committed to handed over the project to the superior and meet their tightest deadline. With a need to remain competitive and the same juncture, enhance the quality of its services, ROYAL VOLTAGE ELECTROMECHANICAL WORKS employs full "in-house" design and engineering teams, utilizing the latest hardware and CAD software to keep up with the pace of project management and to provide continuity. AIM Quality Service Satisfaction is our main concern to our client which can only be provided by a well-trained, motivated, flexible working and empowered personnel supported by the tools needed to produce a Satisfactory quality output, Also to meet all the expectations to all aspects of Electrical System. Visions To continuously bring satisfaction to our client and improve more to ensures the speed and responsiveness demand of today's growing fast business environment as preferred ELECTROMECHANICAL WORKS Company. OFFICE HEAD OFFICE: ABU-DHABI. TEL : 02 - 6762322 FAX : 02 - 6762320 P.O.BOX : 111350 WARE HOUSE: MUSSAFAH : TEL. NO. : 02 - 5511233 MOB. NO. : 050 – 7280560 SERVICES PROVIDED ELECTRO MECHANICAL WORKS: Electrical works Electrical installations such as under ground cabling, Execution of Sub Station & Sub main Power Stations, Transformers and all works related to above. Supply, Installation & maintenance for Street lighting, Play grounds, all Building Electrical services (MDB, SMDB, FDB, ATS) and Low Voltage systems (MATV, Intercom, Fire alarm, Telephone, CCTV, Data System & Room control). Note: ROYAL VOLTAGE also under take the following jobs:- 1. Maintenance of A/C, ELECTRICAL, PLUMBING & FIRE FIGHTING for commercial Buildings and Private Villas. 2. Design, Supply & Installation of Lightning Protections & Earthing Systems for all type of projects (high rise & flat type buildings). 3. Full electrical designs of any projects. 4. Supervision & follow up with Abu Dhabi Distribution Co. (ADDC), submit approval for temporary or permanent electrical power. JOB COMPLETED & ON - PROGRESS NO. PROJECT MAIN CONTRACTOR CONSULTANT STATUS YEAR 1 MASDAR PHOTOVOLTAIC COMPETITION ABUDHABI FUTURE ENERGY COMPANY CH2M HILL – U.S.A COMPLETED 2007 2 DHAFIR GROUP OFFICES BUILD MIDDLE EAST CONTRACTING COMPANY 1. MORGAN CONSULTING ENGINEERS 2. THE DESIGNERS ARCHITECTURAL AND INTERIOR DESIGN COMPLETED 2007 3 MINISTRY OF LABOUR- DUBAI THE SPECIALISTS CONTS. & GEN. MAINT. Supervision by Ministry Engineer COMPLETED 2007 4 ABU DHABI NATIONAL CEMENT FATORY (ELECTRICAL DESIGN, SUPERVISION & HANDOVER TO ADDC) ACTO GEN. CONT. CO. PIONEER ENGINEERING CONSULTNACY COMPLETED 2008 5 MASDAR CITY SITE OFFICE PHASE - 1 MASDAR ABU-DHABI FUTURE ENERGY COMPANY 1.WSP-U.K. 2.CH2M HILL – U.S.A. COMPLETED 2008 6 MASDAR CITY SITE OFFICES 1. WSP-U.K. 2. CH2M HILL – U.S.A. 1. WSP-U.K. 2. CH2M HILL – U.S.A. COMPLETED 2008 7 KHALIDIA SHERATON (Maint. & New Installation for 90 Nos. of Rooms) THE SPECIALISTS CONTS. & GEN. MAINT. Sheraton Engineering Department COMPLETED 2008 8 SITE OFFICES FOR SORBORNE UNIVERSITY AL HABTOOR & MURRY ROBERTS PARSONS COMPLETED 2008 9 ABU DHBAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 3 ( SHOP OF CIGAR) TRANS GEN. CONT. DECORATION COMPLETED 2008 10 AL DAR PROPERTIES ( CENTRAL MARKET OFFICES) THE SPECIALISTS CONTS. & GEN. MAINT. Supervision by AL DAR ENGINEERING STAFF COMPLETED 2008 11 AL DAR PROPERTIES (HERITAGE PARK) THE SPECIALISTS CONTS. & GEN. MAINT. Supervision by AL DAR ENGINEERING STAFF COMPLETED 2008 12 AL AIN WILD LIFE PARK & RESORT YAS Group CH2M HILL – U.S.A. COMPLETED 2009 14 VILLA FOR MR. MOHD. HAMAD ALMANSOURY THE SPECIALISTS CONTS. & GEN. MAINT. AL AALI ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS COMPLETED 2008 15 COMPLEX VILLA FOR Mr. SAID AHMAD SAID ABAD AL-HAMILI UAE RAPTOR GEN. CONTRACTING DESIGN & CONST. ENGINEERING CONSULTANT ON- PROGRESS 2008 16 COMPLEX VILLA FOR MOHD. ALI MOHD. DARWISH ALMANSOORI AL RAQEEM CONT. & GEN. MAINT. AL FAJER CONSULTING ENGINEERING ON- PROGRESS 2008 NO. PROJECT MAIN CONTRACTOR CONSULTANT STATUS YEAR 17 VILLA FOR Mr. MOH. ALI ABDO AL HAJ ALHUMAIRE AL SUWA GENERAL CONTRACTING AL SAHIL ENG. CONSULTANT ON- PROGRESS 2008 18 ABU DHABI NATIONAL PAPER MILL FACTORY ROYAL INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION ATLAST CONSULTANT ENGINEERS COMPLETED 2009 19 GENERAL STORE FOR MINISTRY OF J USTICE (I.T. SECTION) AL MARASI CONST. & GEN. CONTRACTING Ministry of Works Department COMPLETED 2009 20 MAINTENANCE FOR HIGHER COURT BUILDING AL MARASI CONST. & GEN. CONTRACTING Ministry of Works Department COMPLETED 2009 21 NATIONAL OIL (OFFICES & SHABRA) BUILD MIDDLE EAST CONTRACTING COMPANY KAMA ENGINEERING CONSULTANT ON- PROGRESS 2009 22 AL-NASER INDUSTRIES WORKER’S CITY THE SPECIALISTS CONTS. & GEN. MAINT. ARENCO ARCHITECTURAL & ENGINEERING CONSULTANT ON- PROGRESS 2009 23 UPGRADATION OF TEMP. POWER OF EMKE HEADQUARTER ALI & SONS CONTRACTING AL SALAM CONST. ARCH., ENGINEERS & PLANNERS COMPLETED 2009 24 AL MAFRAQ HOSPITAL (ELECTRICAL MAINTENANCE) AL RASHEED GEN. CONT. EST. SEHA ABU DHABI HEALTH FACILITIES SERRIVES ON- PROGRESS 2009 25 ADDITION OF DIALYSIS UNITS AL RACE CONS. & GEN. CONT. CO. SEHA ABU DHABI HEALTH FACILITIES SERVICES ON- PROGRESS 2009 26 AL NASER PROPERTIES LABOUR CAMP (MAIN KITCHEN) THE SPECIALISTS CONTS. & GEN. MAINT. AL SUWEIDI ENGINEERING CONSULTING ON- PROGRESS 2009 27 RE-CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDING FOR MINISTRY OF INTERIOR – AL AIN THE SPECIALISTS CONTS. & GEN. MAINT. ABU DHABI GEN.SERVICES (MUSANADA) ON- PROGRESS 2009 PRICIPAL AND KEY PERSONNEL • ----------------------------------------------------------------------- • ----------------------------------------------------------------- • --------------------------------------------------------------------- • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • ----------------------------------------------------------- • ----------------------------------------------------------------------- SI NAME PROFESSION 1 Mr. MOHAMED ALI DARWISH AL MANSOORI MANAGING DIRECTOR 2 Dr. AL FATEH A. HABIB GENERAL MANAGER 3 Engr. MOH. SHABEER POYAKKARA ELECTRICAL ENGINEER 4 Eng. MOHAIDIN ELECTRICAL ENGINEER 5 ABDUL KAREEM ACCOUNTANT 6 ALI ABDUL HAMID P.R.O. 7 Ms.DIONAFE EDEJER SECRETARY 8 MOH. ESKANDER OFFICE ASSISTANT 9 ANTAR ZENATY ABD ALI COMPANY DRIVER 10 MOH. HASSAN SAID ELECTRICAL FOREMAN 11 ABDULLA MOH. ISMAIL ELECTRICAL FOREMAN 12 MOH. SHIRAJUL ISLAM ELECTRICIAN 13 NAOUFEL A. BELHI ELECTRICIAN 14 KHALID A. FATAH ELECTRICIAN 15 MOH.ILLIAS ELECTRICIAN 16 SHIHABUDEEN S. KUNJU ELECTRICIAN 17 ABULKASHEM L.KARIM ELECTRICIAN 18 MOH. A. HAROUN ELECTRICIAN 19 AHMED BANI ELECTRICIAN 20 PRABAHKARAN MOHAN ELECTRICIAN 21 SIFAN MOHAMOUD ELECTRICIAN 22 MUSTHAQ IMAM SAHEB ASSISTANT ELECTRICIAN 23 KULVIR SINGH ASSISTANT ELECTRICIAN 24 MOH. SALEEM ASSISTANT ELECTRICIAN 25 MOH.UMAR SHABBIR ASSISTANT ELECTRICIAN 26 SHAIK MUNEER BASHA ASSISTANT ELECTRICIAN 27 MEENAKSHI SUNDARAM ASSISTANT ELECTRICIAN COMPANY CAPACITY 1. DRILLING MACHINE HELTI –(04) 2. DRILLING MACHINE –(05) 3. HIGH VOLTAGE TEST KIT -(02) 4. MEGGER -(02) 5. ALL ACCESSORIES FOR CABLE PULLING -LOT 6. ALL ACCESSORIES FOR CABLE JOINTING -LOT 7. TOOL BOX FOR ELECTRICIAN - (8) 8. TOOL BOX FOR WELDER - (1) 9. HYDRAULIC GRIMPING MACHINE ( 2 ) 10. HYDRAULIC CUTTER ( 1 ) 11. HYDRAULIC PUMP ( 1 ) 12. ELECTRONIC LETTERING MACHINE ( 1 ) 13. LABELLING MACHINE ( 1 ) 14. MINI BUS 14 SEAT ( 1 ) 15. DOUBLE CABIN PICK UP ( 1 ) 16. BENDING MACHINE ( 2 SETS ) 17. STAND FOR CABLE PULLING ( 1 ) 18. TORQUE RANGE ( 1 ) 19. LIGHT VEHICLE ( 1 ) 20. FOUR WHEEL VEHICLE ( 1 ) PANEL BOARD MASDAR SITE OFFICES (GROUND BREAKING CEREMONY AT MASDAR SITE OFFICES) DHAFIR GROUP OFFICES VILLA FOR MOH. ALMANSOURY KHALIDIYA SHERATON HOTEL WAREHOUSE AT MUSSAFA AL AIN WILD LIFE PARK & RESORT Substation No – ZU 0070 Substation No – ZU 0025 Substation No – ZU 0026 Substation No – ZU 0045 Substation No – ZU 0027 Substation no – ZU 0045 Overhead line interconnecting ZU 0045 , ZU 0026 ( Sheik Tanoon Farm) and the technical school. Substation – ZU 0064 Substation – ZU 0015 Substation ZU 0024 Substation No – ZU 003


Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • Onshore & Offshore Gas & Oil & Fields Services
  • Power Transmitting Networks And Stations Contracting
  • Electrical & Mechanical Works Contracting (electro-mechanical)


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Head Office
Queen Sabah Trading Bldg.
Tourist Club Area
2nd Floor 022
P.O.Box 111350
Abu Dhabi

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