Because the National Development Plan and the recent review of the development and modernization of the third structural plan of the State of Kuwait, stated the need to resettle 2.6 million people out of the urban area (the proposed new groupings) until 2030, and the interest of the Public Authority for Housing Care to provide residential citizens requirements, and belief in the importance of achieving balance and integration with various government agencies to develop the State of Kuwait, with the establishment of many new residential cities outside the urban area is in both Sabah Al-Ahmad city and creeks and the city mutla ridge along with some of the neighboring communities of these cities.

So the institution and in line with its new approach in the administration of cities urban communities new integrated services contain in addition to private residential care areas, everything you need these communities to government services investment and recreational activities, has developed an effective and flexible mechanism geared towards involving the private sector in the implementation of new cities and communities and, in order that was issued law No. (50) of 2010 amending law No. (47) for the year 1993 on residential care as add full door to law No. 47/1993 regarding the residential cities and which provides for the institution's commitment to the establishment of shareholding public companies for the implementation of the residential cities to be a Kuwaiti shareholding company for each city, and within these cities city Lagoons residential and activation of this law Vstqom institution offering public auction to establish a public shareholding company to implement the project Lagoons residential city, which can accommodate 600 thousand people.


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Public Authority for Housing Welfare Kuwait City - Head Office pin location
Kuwait City - Head Office
South Surra, Ministries Area, Opposite the National Bank of Kuwait
Kuwait City
PO Box 23385
Hawalli Governorate

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