The Prime Minister’s Office performs strategic tasks in UAE Government including provision of support and consultation to the Prime Minister, the UAE Cabinet and Minister of Cabinet Affairs, assisting them in the decision making process. PMO also supports the leadership in the government sector through direct support to federal government entities to be able to develop their work and build capacities. The Prime Minister’s Office plays also an important role in coordination of projects related to strategic directions, main policies and future vision 2021 for the government.

The Prime Minister’s Office is a major and pivotal driver for the government sector by development and coordination of government vision and strategy, related projects, strategic directions and national agenda as well as implementation of many strategic initiatives.

PMO also takes on an empowering responsibility by assisting federal entities in aligning their strategies and policies with the vision, strategy, directions, national agenda, and key plans of the government, in addition to application of policies, strategies and innovative initiatives, developing performance and building capacities. As part of its functions, the Prime Minister’s Office works on enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and performance of the federal government sector on one hand.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister’s Office takes on improving the quality of government services aiming at public satisfaction. Furthermore, the Prime Minister’s Office plays a pioneering role in leading the efforts of government excellence, government leadership and innovation in various government fields, development of government leaders to world-class levels and standards. Spreading knowledge is yet another responsibility of the Prime Minister’s Office as it spreads knowledge on national and international levels through events and the government summit that provides an international platform to exchange ideas, expertise and best practices in the government services sector.


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Dubai Office - Head Office
Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Towers, Floor 43
PO Box 212000

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