Pitchmastic PmB International is a specialist manufacturer supplier and installer of high performance waterproofing systems, expansion joints, kerb & bridge drainage and structural bearings.

Pitchmastic PmB International has in-house knowledge, practical application and technical experience that spans over 70 years. Even from the early days Pitchmastic PmB International’s research and development was key to its success in an embryonic, technically challenging and rapidly evolving construction marketplace.

Pitchmastic PmB International’s global activities are dealt with from a number of offices around the world and managed through the company’s Middle East office located in the UAE as well as regional branches in Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Singapore. Pitchmastic PmB International has a dedicated management team, technicians, equipment and material warehousing to support all their client needs.

Backed by parent company RPM Inc, Pitchmastic PmB International continues to strive and develop opportunities
around the world by providing clients with professional customer care, full technical, operational and product support.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • Waterproofing Contractor 10 Projects
  • Waterproofing Materials Supplier 9 Projects


  • ISO 9001
    Issuer: Lloyd's Register  -  Valid Until: Oct 9, 2020
  • Blueshield Tanking Waterproofing System
    Issuer: BBA
  • ISO 9001
    Issuer: BM Trada  -  Valid Until: Feb 6, 2018
  • ISO 14001
    Issuer: BM Trada  -  Valid Until: Aug 10, 2017
  • Pitchmastic Bridgedeck Waterproofing System
    Issuer: BBA


Pitchmastic PmB has not yet added awards.


Panama House, 184 Attercliffe Road
S4 7WZ
United Kingdom

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