PALM was established in September 2003 and is a General Contracting Company in Abu Dhabi.

Within this short span of time, the company is full pledged in the execution of more than 17 projects in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi along with various maintenance projects through out UAE.

Major clients include East & West International Group, Abu Dhabi Municipality, General Holdings, Main Contractor and other Government departments

A sound execution strategy is employed based on the contract requirements, site conditions, modern construction techniques and strategic subcontracting of specialist services to ensure timely completion. PALM is managed by qualified professional managers with high caliber and experiences supported by qualified engineers and workforce.

Registered Name : Palm Arabian General Contracting L.L.C.

Telephone : 02 – 665 0222 (4 Lines) Fax : 02 – 665 4433 Contact Person : Mr. George Bou Kheir / Managing Partner Date established : September 2003 Ownership : L.L.C.


Address : 16th Floor rm. 1604, Union National Bank Building, Airport Road cor. Corniche, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


OFFICE AUTOMATION: PC’s are operating on Windows XP with MS Office XP Professional edition and Primavera. Computerized drafting is done using AutoCAD 2007. Effective financial accounting software is used for accounts, assets and stores control.

SECTION 2: cont... Introduction

This is a brief outline of how PALM will execute a typical construction contract.

PALM realizes the importance of time, quality and cost control in the execution of a project and therefore targets the following:

  • Optimum resource allocation (manpower and equipment)
  • Proper scheduling and follow-up
  • Proper cost control
  • Defined authority, responsibilities, direction
  • Good record keeping
  • Comprehensive work procedures
  • Good communications and co-ordination

PALM’s Managerial System is based on a role model, which ensures that adequate controls are established and implemented during the project’s lifetime to ensure that finally the work complies fully with contract requirements.

A. Contract Review
As soon as a contract is awarded, the contract terms and conditions are reviewed in detail concerning full scope, unclear issues, manpower and equipment resources and any constraints affecting the execution of the job.

B. Schedule
The tentative schedule submitted during tender (as applicable) is reviewed and a full detailed construction schedule is submitted to the Client. Manpower and equipment resources planning are also completed.

C. Key Personnel
Suitable qualified and experienced personnel are nominated to the project. Key personnel are made aware of their responsibilities and the contract requirements during the initial induction training at the start of the project.

D. Finance and Cash Flow
Detailed plans are made on Cash Flow / Invoicing methods and budgets are worked out for all major activities.

E. Procurement & Control
Only approved materials are procured from acceptable suppliers and manufacturers. Materials procured are checked for acceptability and defective materials are not used in projects. Material Approvals, Order placement and deliveries are monitored and status is known at any given point of time.

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F. Mobilization
Site clearance, general survey, obtaining permits, erection of site facilities etc. are done during this period with due approvals as required.

G. Subcontracting Strategy
Only specialist activities are subcontracted to have the maximum value from the specialist expertise of the nominated and approved subcontractor.

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Dubai Branch

(Company license attached)


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • General Contractor 2 Projects
  • MEP Contractor 1 Project
Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • Onshore & Offshore Gas & Oil & Fields Services
  • All Kinds Of Building Projects Contracting - Second Grade
  • All Kinds Of Building Projects Contracting - Second Grade
  • Civil Works For Power Generation Stations & Water Purification Stations - Forth Class
  • Sewerage Project Contracting-main Sewerage Networks-fourth Class.
  • Water Distribution Networks And Stations Contracting
  • Sewerage Sub-network And Residential Pipe-laying Contracting- Fourth Class


Palm Arabian General Contracting has not yet added certifications.


Palm Arabian General Contracting has not yet added awards.


Head Office
Union National Bank Bldg.
Airport Road
16th Floor 1604
P.O.Box 59686
Abu Dhabi

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