One Works pulls it all together; combining architecture infrastructure and urban engineering our work turns visions into reality. Most of our projects deal with crowded spaces that host millions of people a year; their design implies extensive knowledge of the physical, historical, social, functional and environmental context.

What We Believe In
We have learned, and continue to believe, design to be the tool, which not only draws all contributions together but which clearly and constantly operates to keep in focus the urban conditions that we shape. Design output, the means and the goal of our work, demand challenges day after day in the real world. We spend a lot of time asking questions in order to find answers to understandings and misbeliefs, potentials and risks, aspirations and indifferences, and assets and liabilities for clients, stakeholders and the public at large. No design solution exists without compromise, no project exists without a vision, and no vision becomes true without a proposal.

How We Do It
Our work continues because of how we work. Through 20 years of professional practice and mutual experiences with partners, associates and consultants, our collaborative approach to projects focuses on client’s expectations. During every phase, the design team works hard to build enriching relationships through an extensive range of city planning, urban design, architectural and infrastructure services from start to finish-

Who Does It
One Works is present in four strategic locations, three historical offices in Italy (Milan, Rome, and Venice) together with the office in Dubai and relative subsidiary locations (Doha, Qatar and Riyadh, KSA). Our staff of more than 75 architects, designers, planners and engineers, grouped together according to the particular requisites of every assignment, permit a constant yet flexible performance meeting today’s business development needs.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • Other Specialized Consultant 4 Projects
  • Design Architect 4 Projects
  • Project Manager 2 Projects
  • Structural Engineer 2 Projects
  • Cost Consultant 2 Projects
  • Civil Engineer 2 Projects
  • Infrastructure Consultant 1 Project
  • MEP Engineer 1 Project
  • Detailed Design Architect 1 Project
  • Interior Designer 1 Project
  • Construction Management Consultant 1 Project


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