Independent municipality pursuant to Decree No. 329 dated 10/11/1952, municipal elections took place in December 1952 to elect the first council of the municipality of Bourj Hammoud and extended its mandate until the date of Tamo 1962, And the establishment of an independent municipality there, it was obvious to the first municipal council elected to discuss the matter of finding a center for this municipality. To this end, Decree No. 2 dated January 15, 1953, which mandated the mayor Al - Khoury Boulos Arouses, by renting the center he deems fit, has to decide on The matter in view of the urgent need for the municipality to a place where to meet.

Indeed, the required center, which is an apartment located in one of the buildings on the Al-Adiyabiyya Tramway line, was found and rented by the old Tripoli Road, which was considered the best place at the time, despite the Council's conviction that it was not the ideal center due to its small size.

After about a year and a half of the rental of the center referred to, the municipal council began to consider buying a plot of land to build a house for the municipality, and issued decisions No. 48 and 49 dated 19/3/1954, under which they decided in principle "to find a piece of land for the purchase is suitable for building The house has sufficient capacity, suitable facilities and decent.

It has several conditions, the most important of which are:
* The area should not be less than one thousand and five hundred meters.
* Be located in the middle of town and away from the noise.
* The price should not exceed the budgeted amount for this purpose. "

The council also decided to form a committee composed of: Mayor Khouryis and members: Arashkuni Raffalian, Latifik Boldqian and Aduar Khoury to find the required land according to the conditions above.As a result of the research, the committee found that the most appropriate land is the property number 2161 owned by Mr. Melhem Samaha, which is 1200 m. The Committee also found that the price of the arm specified at 30 LP is an appropriate price.

Based on the report of the Committee, the Municipal Council issued Resolution No. 150 dated 14/10/1954, which mandated the Presidency of the agreement with the owner of the property on the purchase and payment of the budget of the year 955, but it happened that the Governor of Mount Lebanon at the time did not agree to this decision on the pretext of high price, And that the municipality had previously received a sum of one million Lebanese pounds for the work of the sewage network (see the governor of Mount Lebanon No. 2959 dated 22/10/1954).

In the end, the appropriate property in all respects to be built by the municipality, was not found until in 1956, the property No. 2634, which is based on the current municipal building.The following is the literal text of Resolution No. 168 dated 10/12/1956, in which the Municipal Council shall specify the specifications of the said property, at the same time, the building of the Municipality House: "This municipality has long been looking for land for the establishment of a municipality, where only found the drug No. 2634 from the area of ​​Bar Hamoud, located in front of Al-Adibiya bridge in a central area was found to be the center of the municipality to be in the center of the city and on the tramway and in front of a large yard, Work of parents.

Therefore, the municipal council decides to build a house for the municipality on the property referred to the request of the technical office to deposit the design of the building in question with the knowledge that the provision is provided for this building and remarkable in the budget certified 1956.

Once the land was found, the construction began. After the construction process included the ground and first floors of the current municipal building, the Municipal Council saw on 28/2/1961 that this area has become narrow compared to the work of the municipality complex, and issued Resolution No. 27, which requires the construction of an additional floor is the second floor Of the current building. This decision also mandated the competent departments

Approval and ratification of the book of conditions by the Technical Department in the Municipality 0 After the approval of the side of the Governor of Mount Lebanon on this book, the transfer of works of the floor mentioned to Mr. Qarbat Nurian, who gave the most appropriate price as a result of solicitation of bids, And the decision to refer this assignment is No. 96 dated 22/6/1961 0 and the municipality has not seen any radical changes since the completion of construction until today except for the work of repair and restoration routine and the most recent, which was decided to implement by resolution No. 9 of the municipal council on 30 / 7/1998.


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