"Good architecture is the outcome of basing design on innovative technology, experience, and knowledge while preserving or tradition" . The office of Architect Monther Hashim Sawan has gained an excellent reputation and an outstanding position in the field of architecture of projects since it started in 1976. One of the reasons that has led to the success of this office is the motto “Good architecture is the outcome of basing design on innovative technology, experience, and knowledge while preserving or tradition”.

The people at Monther Hashim Sawan’s office realize their responsibility in offering to modern society new architectural concepts that meet the need of our new era while reflecting the social and economic changes we are witnessing now. Many fine achievements that this office has accomplished include varied types of buildings, some of which are residential villas with distinctive styles and luxurious palaces that reveal creativity and originality. This has also designed a number of distinctive commercial building like offices, shopping centers, schools, and recreation centers spread over in cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Makkah, AlMadina, and Yanbu. The office employs a team of highly qualified and motivated architects and engineers. This team forms the right hand of the principal who is always responsible for the basic ideas of any project. Monther Hashim Sawan also makes sure that these projects fit well into the development that is taking place in the architectural world today. It is the belief of this office that communication between the office and the client is of utmost importance and such the client is always considered with understanding and translated into reality as a work of art with our loving care, the most advanced technology, and our vast experience accumulated over the years.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • Design Architect 4 Projects
  • MEP Engineer 4 Projects
  • Structural Engineer 4 Projects
  • Lead Consultant 4 Projects


Monther H. Sawan has not yet added certifications.


Monther H. Sawan has not yet added awards.


Jeddah Office - Head Office
PO Box 5663
Makkah Province
Saudi Arabia

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