The State of Qatar has already taken important steps towards building an effective educational system by defining and adopting the best international practices to meet its national needs. As time proceeds, there has been a lot of developments in the educational system that reflect Qatar’s vision for excellence; Many countries now consider the State of Qatar to enjoy an innovative and distinguished learning environment leading to successful achievements. The establishment of the Supreme Education Council (SEC) under the Emiri Decree No. 37 of November 2002 has laid the foundation for developing the education sector in the country.

The SEC is the competent authority responsible for the development and advancement of the education sector to meet the needs of the State of Qatar for outstanding human resources and competencies in various fields. The SEC is also responsible for drawing up the national educational policy and linking the latter to a set of educational goals, plans and programs in accordance with the general objectives of the state.

Besides, the SEC defines the course of the educational policy in the country by taking a key role in the development and implementation of educational initiatives through its subsidiary institutes: The Education Institute, the Evaluation Institute and the Higher Education Institute.

Having considered the rapidly-changing and progressing 21st century leading to technological and scientific developments of high quality, the SEC supports a learning environment that produces the following:

Skilled citizens capable of abreasting with progress and its variables.
Citizens enjoying high mental abilities.
Citizens enjoying the most advanced technological skills.
Citizens who can put knowledge into action.
Citizens with positive attitudes and values toward the nation and humanity.
The SEC follows a set of clear principles for taking procedures, including:

A clear vision that embodies the international best practices, while preserving and taking into account the Islamic values and local traditions.
A commitment to scientific research and development.
A commitment to the principle of the right of all students to enjoy high-quality learning experiences that prepare them for their lives at school, at home, inside their community, at the university or at their workplaces.
A commitment to the highest standards of academic achievement and social growth.
A commitment to develop the capacity of schools and individuals to reflect on their practices and help them to carry out self-assessment.
Providing purposeful paths and professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders.
A commitment to work within a partnership with the parents, the community and all sectors.


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