Kulak family began construction business in 1943. The first governmental contract was the State Building Construction in Gazipaşa, Antalya in 1947. In the following years thousands of residential apartment buildings, industrial sites, shopping malls, sites, roads etc have been succesfully completed. During more than 60 years 4 million m2 construction area, more than 40.000 residentials have been constructed. The urban development of Adana has been mentioned together with the name of our company in construction field for many years. In 1985, our expanding organization has been changed as Kulak Construction Inc.

We have completed and continue to execute many international superstructure/infrastructure projects abroad and in Turkey together with reputable international companies. Thousands of workmen and hundreds of technical and administrative/financial staff are employed.

Kulak Constuction is looking at the future with confidence with its wide range of machinery, equipment, strong resources, powerful financial base and the most important of all that we are doing our business with the conception focusing on constructing quality and functional buildings/ living areas and facilities for welfare of ''human being''. We are in dificult sector but having great pleasure to be in this field. This will worth to do so, if we make people happy.

Kulak Company believes in the requirement of improving the quality continuously applying the most viable international management systems giving priority to the customer satisfaction. In this regard while being certified by ISO 9001, 14001 and ISO 18001 for a long time we fallow and following them very closely as a World Company.

We have completed lots of projects in Turkey and Iraq (Various Bases). Besides Turkey and Iraq, we have completed projects in Krygzstan and Oman.As of now we have ongoing projects in Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) and Saudi Arabia. We have around 6000 employees in different countries all around the world. We provide all the life support requirements of our employees. All necessary equipment, machinery, labor force and staff, briefly everything for mobilization and logistics exist for future potential awards with our extensive experience in construction field.

We have been so many times presented success and appreciation certificates due to accomplishing high quality and fast construction projects in a safe manner. Company headquarter is in Adana but we work with many international companies and consortiums for our domestic and international contracts.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • General Contractor 5 Projects
  • MEP Contractor 1 Project
  • Fit-Out Contractor 1 Project
Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • Electrical & Mechanical Works Contracting (electro - Mechanical
  • Onshore & Offshore Gas & Oil & Fields Services
  • Various Building Projects Contracting - First Grade
  • Metal Installations Contracting - First Grade
  • Water Project Contracting. Sub-network
  • Sewerage Project Contracting-main Sewerage Networks
  • Sewerage Project Contracting-rain Water Drainage
  • Sewerage Sub-network And Residential Pipe-laying Contracting
  • Installing And Repairing Cooling System And Air Conditioning Contracting Works
  • Telecommunication Network Contracting
  • Irrigation Network Contracting
  • Construction & Maintenance Of Gardens, Planning Activity & Natural Scenery Designing
  • Agricultural Green House Contracting-special Class


Kulak Construction Inc has not yet added certifications.


Kulak Construction Inc has not yet added awards.


Abu Dhabi Office - Head Office
Mubarak Al Mansoori Bldg.
P.O.Box 111610

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