To provide students with a quality education, conduct valuable research, serve the national and international societies and contribute to Saudi Arabia’s knowledge society through learning, creativity, the use of current and developing technologies and effective international partnership.

To be a world-class university and a leader in developing Saudi Arabia’s knowledge society.

Based on our Islamic and traditional cultural values, we strive for:

Quality and Excellence:
We hold our values according to extremely high standards, honoring lofty ambitions and the pursuit of excellence through a commitment to the rigorous intellectual standards in teaching, learning and innovation.

Leadership and Teamwork:
We are committed to promoting individual and institutional leadership roles, which drive social development, professionalism, responsibility, and innovation. Collaboration and cooperation are recognized as necessary means of attaining excellence.

Freedom of Inquiry:
Rigorous and honest intellectual exploration is fundamental to our academic traditions, and reflected in every facet of scholarship at King Saud University.

Fairness and Integrity:
We abide by the principles of social justice, equal opportunity and cultural diversity, holding members of our community to the highest standards of honesty, respect, and professional ethics.

Transparency and Accountability:
We are committed to openly placing our scholarly ideas and works for society and scholars to judge. In our pursuit of excellence, we hold everybody in our community accountable for respecting and upholding our values in all forms of their scholarly activities.

Lifelong Learning:
We are committed to lifelong learning inside and outside the KSU community, ensuring continued intellectual growth and welfare of society.

Strategic Objectives

Maintain a distinctive faculty possessing the highest credentials and abilities;
Provide graduate students with the best education and opportunities that will enhance their knowledge, skills and relevant experience;
Establish excellence in all fields of scholarship and research;
Building bridges locally, nationally and internationally;
Provide a supportive learning environment for faculty, staff and students;
Ensuring a sustainable environment for the pursuit of excellence;
Establishing flexibility and accountability.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • Owner 17 Projects
  • Developer 8 Projects
  • Design Architect 2 Projects
  • MEP Engineer 1 Project
  • Structural Engineer 1 Project
  • Lead Consultant 1 Project


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Head Office
P.O. Box 11362
Riyadh Province
Saudi Arabia

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