It is more then twenty years that we are in this field of building construction and maintenance industry. Quality, quantity, reliance and timeless are the hallmark of our business service and satisfaction of the customers and clients is our real profit, saving and economy. We have all the necessary five Ms which any building construction company, must possess that is Men, Money, Machinery, Material and management. Our company becomes a consortium with the collaboration and partnership of two more companies Abdullah Bin Karam Gen Contracting and Fort Liwa Gen Contracting LLC, with 4 experienced Engineers and 90 skilled workforces. We presently working on

Villa – Muhammad Ali Saif Al Mazroi
Consultant – Tashed Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 1,600,142/-
Contract Period 30-07-2009 to 29-07-2010

5 Villas – Mr. Jaber Ghaiz Ghoz Al Kababi
Main Contractor – Al Qarmosh Gen Contracting Est
Contract Amount 8,000,000/-
Contract Period 20-07-2009 to 19-11-2010

2 villas – Mr. Hamis Saeed Usman Hamis Al Zahbi
Consultant – Radat Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 3,300,000/-
Contract Period 7/07/2009 to 06-09-2010

5 villas – Mr. Saleh Saleem Saleh Al Jabery
Consultant – National Engineering Consultants
Main Contractor – Abdi Mulia Berkah Abu Dhabi Construction LLC
Contract Amount 6,170,000/-
Contract Period 02-05-2009 to 01-09-2010

5 villas – Mr. Ali Saeed Abdullah Al Jessari Al Wahdi
Consultant – Creativity Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 8,800,000/-
Contract Period 04/05/2008 to 24/12/2009

Villas – Mr. Ali Hassan Maki
Consultant – Beirut Engineering Consulting Bureau
Contract Amount 1,450,000/-
Contract Period 18/11/2008 to 18/11/2009

2 Villas – Mr Abdullah Mohammad Shah Karam
Main Contractor – Abdullah Bin Karam Gen Contracting
Consultant – Babil Engineering Consultancy
Contract Amount 2,300,000/-
Contract Period 05-03-2009 to 04-03-2010
Villas – Mr. Abdul Aziz Hamza Salem Ghuz Muwli Al Duela
Consultant – Firas Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 3,600,000/-
Contract Period 04/04/2009 to 03/01/2010

Villa – Mr. Khalid Musalum Khalid Masswod Al Sherje
Consultant – Al Raqi Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 2,000,000/-
Contract Period 13-11-2008 to 12-11-2009

Villa – Mr. Nasir Naji Nasir & Wife
Consultant – Qurtaba Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 400,000/-
Contract Period 06-01-2009 to 05-09-2009

Villa – Mr. Saleh Abdullah Barakat Abdul Samad
Consultant – Qurtaba Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 1,800,000/-
Contract Period 19-04-2009 to 18-04-2010

We have rendered many projects

Villa – Mr. Adel Saleh Abdullah Barakat Abdul Samad
Consultant – Qartaba Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 2,000.000/-
Contract Period 14-08-2008 to 13-08-2009

Villa – Mr. Musleh Muhammad Abdullah Barakat Al Hashmi
Consultant – Qurtaba Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 2,000,000/-
Contract Period 16-06-2008 to 15-06-2009

Villa – Mr. Nasir Ahmad Husain & Sons
Consultant – Qurtaba Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 2,000,000/-
Contract Period 04-03-2008 to 03-03-2009

Villa – Mr Umer Ali Yousf Ali Al Taboor Al Naeemi
Main Contractor – Modern Building for Gen Contracting Abu Dhabi
Consultant – Beirut Engineering Consulting Bureau
Contract Amount 560,000l-
Contract Period 01/08/2007 to 27/02/2008

3 villas – Muhammad Saeed Abdullah Deyab
Main Contractor – Al Kanal Gen Contracting Abu Dhabi
Consultant – Lines & Dimensions Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 1,089,790l-
Contract Period 28/11/2007 to 27/11/2008

Renovation work – villa Salam Hamad Nasir Al Shuebi
Contract Amount 439,835
Contract Period 18/05/2007 to 17/10/2007

Extension work – Sheha Saeed w/o Salem Hamed Zahaq
Consultant – Delta Engineering Consultants
Contract Amount 540,000/-
Contract Period 05/07/2006 to 04/01/2007

Khalifa Yousf Building 2 year’s maintenance
Private Real Estate HH Sh Sultan Bin Khalifa Old Palace civil work
Culture Foundation civil work
Corniche Plaza building maintenance work
Emirates Fast Food Co. Mc Donald Hotel 6 years maintenance work
White Aluminum Co. Building 1 year maintenance work
Shebo SPA Saloon complete work, Citi Bank Tourist Club basement civil work
Popillon Slimming Institute 7 year’s maintenance work
Banyas Tower HH Sh Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan 9 years maintenance
Ali Salim khadim Al Mansoori Building 445 – 14 years maintenance
SH Ghanim Farris Al Mazroi Building – 12 story – 1 year maintenance
Culture Foundation civil work, Dana Plaza Building civil work
India Social & Cultural Centre civil work
Delma Mosque civil work, Delma Hospital civil work
Al Hosn Place civil work
Abdullah Masood Automobile Co. civil work
Johin Brown Est. maintenance for staff accommodation
Tessco staff accommodation, UTS Corrier staff accommodation
Sh. Sohail Bin Mubarik villa karama civil work
Boteen Mall Complete new construction work
Ahmad Salim Al Maqorab villa Plot 108 new extension work
Abdullah Qader Al Muallah Kulia Ploice Station civil work and maintenance
Amina darwish Bin Daram Building Hamdan Street 1 year maintenance
Sh. Butti Palace painting work, Dana Hotel maintenance work
Farraj Mohammad Forraj Al Mary villa – 135 Bahya – Extension work
Abdullah Ali Salim AL Mamary villa D – 2 Rahba Extension work
Cornich Tower and Residence civil work
HH Shaikh Saif and Sh. Hamid Awlool – al Naser Steed civil work
SH Mohammad Bin Butti Al Hamid Helopolice Co. Painting work
HH Shaikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan Building
Southern Fried Chicken Ghantoot civil work
India Palace Hotel Complete new Building
Copri Construction Enterprises Est Contract fro Kerbston complete project
Mubarak Saif villa khazna Extension work
Abdullah AL Reaf Al Kuwaiti villa renowation and 1 year maintenance
Razia Abdullah Muhammad villa renowation
Embassy of Pakistan maintenance
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority civil work
Popillion slimming institute model new saloon
Changes Saloon model new saloon
Ali Showh Saloon, Five Star Saloon model new saloons

Strength and architectural beauty are the two criteria which guide and govern our working. We have always worked with the professional zeal, necessary government approval, consultant specifications and client’s satisfaction with whomever, we have once dealt, and they have become our constant customers and clients.


Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • Building General Maintenance
  • All Kinds Of Building Projects Contracting - Fifth Grade


Khadija Contracting & General Maint. Llc has not yet added certifications.


Khadija Contracting & General Maint. Llc has not yet added awards.


Head Office
Bin Qusim Grocery Bldg.
Musaffah Commercial Area
Ground Floor
P.O.Box 46903
Abu Dhabi

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