The firm of Grout McTavish Architects is a studio scaled practice with a vision to provide its clients and their projects a high standard of design and technical excellence in planning, architecture and design consulting.

The firm is led by Principals Clive Grout and Brad McTavish who believe that every outstanding project starts with a fresh idea based on sound planning and economic principles. The firm is committed to providing award winning design solutions developed within a context of listening, collaboration and teamwork.

The firm is committed to furthering the art of Placemaking in our built environment with the goal that community is built, people come together, local identity is created, entrepreneurship is encouraged, innovation fostered and humanity nurtured.

Each project has a different story and cultural imperative. To bring the client’s vision to reality, each project is given the right mix of research, listening, creativity and attention to detail from project implementation to completion.

The diversity and quality of our clients reflects the recognized value that is brought through the collective experience, attitude and energy of the firm.

As a Philosophy, the firm considers the following specific responsibilities to our clients as drivers of our design process and measures of the ultimate success of our projects:

Full understanding and discussion of client expectations for the project.

Attention to developing and confirming functional and operational considerations.

Exploring comparable precedents for discussion and consideration of what might be relevant to our project.

An emphasis on creating memorable experiences for those who use and connect with the project.

Exploring and advocating sustainable design initiatives.

Inquisitiveness to explore new and evolving technologies and techniques.

Exploring opportunities to further enhance the connectivity to the public realm.

Explore the potential to incorporate the work of the visual arts integral with our architecture.

Understanding budget constraints and delivering creative solutions that optimize value for money spent.

Fostering openness and collaborative relationships with clients, consultants and construction teams.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • Design Architect 2 Projects
  • Lead Consultant 1 Project


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Head Office
1412 W 7th Ave
V6H 1C1
British Columbia

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