Methadone contains hydrochloride which belongs to the class of narcotic medications which are known as opioid analgesics. It treats the ongoing pain i.e. pain of cancer patients and surgery pain which is not treated in general pain killers.



Work of Methadone:

Methadone is working on the brain and Central nervous system to increase pain tolerance. This medication works within 30 minutes and stays in the body for a long time whereas other pain killers cannot work properly. The patient feels calm after taking the medicine.

Use of Methadone:

The Doctor prescribes the dose of medicine according to the age, sex, the mental and physical condition of the patient. For the adults, the dose of Methadone is 0.5 mg to 10 mg ,  taken by mouth every 4 hours daily. For the old age of 65 years, the doctor may recommend you to take one tablet daily. After three-four days your doctor may change the dose for you. Go to the doctor and if you feel the pain is not relieved.

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