Aramoun is a scenic village located within the green mountain range of Mount Lebanon and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, which is famous for its fertile land, fresh pure air, soothing natural environment and evergreen conifer forests surrounding its entirety.

We decided to give the name “Aramoun” to our company as good augury and associate ourselves with fascinating village synonymous with fertility, opulence, magnanimity, growth and prosperity.

When we envisioned our company, we were well aware and truly understood the fact that the emergence of a new contracting company in this highly competitive market which was clogged with contracting companies will not only be an adventure but also a challenge in itself. However, faith in Almighty Allah and our years of experience and knowledge of the local market, driven by our aspirations and our commitment to excellence drove us to take on this challenging quest. Under the guidance of Almighty Allah coupled with our perseverance and dedication, we envisioned in becoming one of the top ranking contracting companies in Abu Dhabi’s construction sector.Now, when we look back at the efforts and our progress during the last seven years, we are grateful and thankful to Allah Almighty for His blessings and feel extremely satisfied with the achievements granted by Him. Although we are still in the early stages, but with our high hopes and morale, we are confident that Aramoun will be one of the leading and trusted names in the construction industry of Abu Dhabi in the years to come. We are driven by our commitment to professionalism, honesty, fair dealing, commitment to excellence, attention to detail, precision at every step of our work and above all our yearning passion to take part into the development of our beloved Emirate. These solid principles under the Guidance of Almighty Allah will guide us in outperforming and achieving newer heights in times to come.

Our logo comprising of the “Rising Sun” reflects our high hopes and aspirations; and Green mountains shaping “A” (the first letter of our name) represents loftiness, opulence and a desire to be at the top. Our logo is the manifestation of our vision and mission not only visually but also in letter and spirit for Aramoun and the role to will play in the construction, building and development sector.

“Aramoun General Contracting Company L.L.C.” with its aspiration, commitment to excellence, honor and pride that it takes in participating in the overall development drive of the United Arab Emirates, will continue to contribute to imitative taken late UAE president, H.H Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Allah bless him, and now guided and driven by the leadership of H.H Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President, May Allah protect him.


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Abu Dhabi Office - Head Office
Aramoun Bldg. Villa #57
AlNahyan Camp, Malqatah Str.
PO Box 5310
Abu Dhabi

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