Arabian Contracting Achievements was founded as a national establishment in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., in 1982. It’s management gained a lot of experience in the construction of villas and high-rise commercial and residential buildings. In 1993, a group of highly experienced engineers joined the establishment and converted it into a limited liability company (L.L.C.), therefore converting the establishment into a third level construction and contracting company. Since then the company has been awarded numerous distinctive projects with an overall value exceeding 180 Million Dhs. To pace the rapid development of projects in the U.A.E., and particularly in the State of Abu Dhabi, the management of the company pursued to upgrade the company’s classification from a third-degree construction company to a first-degree construction company. By acquiring the first-degree classification, the company was able to participate in higher value and more complex projects. Furthermore, the top management of ACAC has decided to implement the ISO9001: 2000 standards to meet national and international requirements. The following information shows the coordination of the company.

Al Khaldiya Street, Abu Dhabi
UAE P.O. BOX 5671

Tel.: (02) 632-4678
Fax: (02) 632-3471

The following shareholders own Arabian Contracting Achievement Company:
1- Mr. Mousa Mohmmed Faqeir Mulazahi Al Baloushi 51% of the shares
2- P. Eng. Mamoon Omar M. Hannoun owns 49% of the shares

Main Activities
The main activities of the company are as follows:
• Construction of low-rise and high-rise commercial and residential buildings.
• Construction of steel structures.
• Construction of private villas.
• Construction of compounds, schools, etc.
• Maintenance of compounds, buildings, etc.
• Construction and rehabilitation of wastewater pipes.

ACAC Policy
Arabian Contracting Achievement Company (L.L.C.) is fully committed to consistently meet or exceed the client’s expectations for the quality of service provided in the construction and deliver of projects. The firm is committed to provide the most cost effective and time efficient service by constantly developing measures and means to improve the overall quality of services provided. This can be accomplished by:

• Improving the firm’s quality management system by continuous establishment, measurement, and revision of the system.
• By setting up proper objectives and targets
• By setting up proper plans and schedules
• By utilizing competent and skilled staff
• By utilizing proper resources
• By using proper construction technologies and techniques
• By periodical staff training
• By keeping a positive relationship with the clients.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • General Contractor 3 Projects
  • MEP Contractor 1 Project
Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • Main Road, Street & Related Work Contracting - Fifth Grade
  • Various Building Projects Contracting - First Grade
  • Metallic Installation Contracting - First Grade
  • Submain Sewerage Networks And Houses Connection Contracting


Arabian Contracting Achievement Company has not yet added certifications.


Arabian Contracting Achievement Company has not yet added awards.


Head Office
Shella Abaya Bldg.
Khalidiya Street
Mezzanine 1
P.O.Box 5671
Abu Dhabi

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