Once upon a time a man lived in Portugal, in a place called Cascais city of sea, sun and the air filled with salty shimmer of the Atlantic Ocean breeze. The small houses of Cascais are decorated with glazed azulejo tiles and filled with a smell of delicious cooking.

This city is known as a heart of fine seafood cuisine and a paradise for seafood lovers. One day a man who lived in Cascais heard from a visitor, that across the lands, in the other part of the world there is a bigger, taller than Cascais city, filled with mountains and fields of food delicacies a city of Dubai. The man didn’t believe and left Cascais to see Dubai for himself.

He arrived on a sunny day; the hot air was pinching him on a nose. People of Dubai lived by the shore, in the tall, shiny, steel palaces, they drove beautiful, slick carriages, they were smiley and happy, just like people of Cascais.

The man then saw countless kinds of exotic, never seen in Cascais food brought from far far away lands. The food was served with gold, on crystal plates with silver cutleries. But nothing like a small, homey diner with melting on a tongue Polvo a Lagareiro (the octopus leg), or dear to his stomach Bolinhos de Bacalhau – a cod fish croquettes, or juicy fish in a salt cave was there to quench his hanger and heal his homesick.

He then thought to himself, the city of Dubai was a lot like home, all Dubai needed was a joy of Cascais famous seafood cuisine. The man decided to bring the little Portugal to Dubai and call it Alto Mar the high sea.

Alto Mar opened its doors in a small, cozy house in the Fishing Harbor of Jumeirah in Dubai, a place filled with the taste of the sea, so familiar and mesmerizing, that to this date reminds to our hero about Cascais. Since then, many more has fallen in love with Portuguese traditional seafood cuisine.


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Dubai Office - Head Office
Jumeirah 1, Fishing Harbour

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