AL-ILHAM Building Contracting L.L.C. was founded as a contracting firm in Sharjah in 1998. From its professional beginning, Al-Ilham emerged to be a success at competitive bid projects and as one of the most reliable construction firms. Since then, growing firmly with its accomplishments, Al-Ilham has established itself as a specialist in most aspects of the construction industry. Backed by a selection of the best material providers and carefully chosen sub-contractors, the company completed numerous projects of various types and sizes to the satisfaction of its clients and consultants. For the purpose of integrating all the construction activities within our company, to minimize our dependency on subcontractors to the minimum and to evade fluctuating material prices, we adopted a definite strategy to take every chance to establish our own specialized subordinate companies. As a result of this strategy, AL-ILHAM Painting Division was established in 2003 with its independent cadre of designers, internal decorators, painters, gypsum decoration specialists.
In 2005, and after its first blooming phase of completing numerous projects, AL-ILHAM Building Contracting L.L.C moved into a second phase of achievement and success. The company enlarged its cadre of skilful work force, qualified engineers and technicians in addition to developing its assets and equipments. It became more proficient in commercial buildings as well as industrial projects.
As a result, and with Allah’s help, our company sustained the success .To continue our integration strategy and to minimize our dependency on external sources, AL-ILHAM Steel Division was started in 2005.This Division, which is specialized in residential and industrial steel constructions, made a solid corporate support and a vital addition to the Company’s abilities which enabled us to handle larger projects and provide other companies with steel services for their projects.

In 2006, additional engineers and technicians joined our company’s cadre. Due to its excellent record with the Engineering Section of Sharjah Municipality, and after many successful achievements, our company was put firmly on the right track of development and expansion. A new step forward in our integration strategy was achieved when Anwar Al- Mashkah Electrical & Sanitary Contracting was inaugurated. This new Division, with its own group of electromechanical staff saved our company the load of electrical and sanitary electromechanical technicians, handled the electrometrical works of the mother company, made it easier for the company to improve its performance and opened new market horizons. As there was a genuine need for integrated contracting companies, Al-Ilham, with its endeavor to achieve integration, managed to provide other contracting companies with expertise and technical support by its specialized branches.

In 2007, as a result of the aforesaid successes, the company continued its surge, developed its resources and moved into a new era of expansion by inaugurating its branch in Ajman. Ever since its establishment, AL-ILHAM Building Contracting L.L.C. Ajman Branch emerged as a pioneering company that proved its merits by completing commercial, industrial and residential projects in record times. The company, with its accumulating experience, professional administrative, technical cadre and specialized workforce managed some prestigious construction projects in the emirate. It also built strong allegiances in the construction circles in Ajman and the other emirates. The company adopted innovative methods in contracting, completion, supervision, follow-up and reporting. The company managed to construct its workshop, store and labor accommodation to facilitate the lives of its workers and increase their productivity.
AL-ILHAM Building Contracting L.L.C. Ajman Branch immediately undertook many projects to cope up with the growing number of Industrial, Residential and Commercial Projects in the Emirate. The company was awarded many prestigious projects belonging to the Federal Government, Local Departments, banks, companies in the private sector as well as individual owners.

In 2008, with its professional engineering and administrative cadre, the company continues to execute increasing numbers of sizeable projects as it has proved its merits by managing sophisticated projects. As a result of its constant accomplishments, the company’s ranking was upgraded to Grade ONE (Limitless) from Sharjah Municipality.
AL-ILHAM Building Contracting L.L.C. continues to develop its capabilities by developing its subordinate companies, enhancing its work force and expertise. New plans are made to extend its activities in other Emirates to deal with the development and growth in the United Arab Emirates.
Over the past decade, AL-ILHAM Building Contracting L.L.C. has built a notable presence in the local Construction market depending on its objectivity and credibility in fulfilling its commitments. Since then, AL-ILHAM Building Contracting L.L.C. has emerged to become AL-ILHAM Group which is growing steadily and rapidly into a much larger Construction service provider in all fields of the construction industry. AL-ILHAM Group is now doing most of its construction works by its own expertise and workforce. Also, AL-ILHAM Group of Companies has built reliable allegiances and contacts with its valued clients, consultants, bankers, insurers as well as the Local Departments and Municipalities.
By the Grace of Allah, the Almighty, AL-ILHAM Group of Companies, with its group of professionals, ever-increasing resources, sound financial status, wide-range communications and considerable machinery, aspires to be and remain one of the most reliable construction service providers and clients’ first choice in the atmosphere of progress and prosperity in the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Ilham Building Contracting L.L.C.
Trade License No.: 46483 Ajman Commercial Registration: 38101
Activity: Building Contracting Grade A (Limitless)
Ajman Administrative and Technical Cadre
Name Designation Experience
1. Eng. Marwan Muhammad Kher Ajman Branch Manager 8 years
2. Eng. Muhammad Deeb Alahmad Project Manager 20 years
3. Abdul-Rahman Muhammad Kher Purchase Manager 7 years
4. Omran Muhammad Kher Group In-charge 8 years
5. Eng. Yousuf Edilbi Site Engineer 6 years
6. Eng. Tayseer Hamami Site Engineer 6 years
7. Eng. Abdul-Baset Ahmad Site Engineer 6 years
8. Eng. Amer Ahmad Site Engineer 6 years
9. Eng. Ahmad Saleem Alali Site Engineer 5 years
10. Muneer Almasri Assistant Engineer 4 years
11. Ahmad Ali Almiqdad Foreman 22 years
12. Hatem Mahmoud Foreman 14 years
13. Mamoun Muhammad Kher Foreman 4 years
14. Ravi Kumar Foreman 10 years
15. Lal Taji Foreman 7 years
16. Yaseen Alebraheem Foreman 12 years
17. MinyarAlmasri Foreman 8 years
18. Hani Abdul RaoufAbdul-Razzaq Chief Accountant 3 years
19. Tareq Matrouk Alsoa’b Personnel Officer 5 years
20. Khald Salama P.R.O. 2 years
21. Khaled Alsoa’b Secretary 2 years
22. AmerAltahhan Site Observer 2 years
23. Khaled Alkurdi Site Observer 2 years

Al-Ilham Building Contracting L.L.C.
Trade License No.: 123782 Sharjah Commercial Registration: 31688
Activity: Building Contracting (Limitless)
Sharjah Administrative and Technical Cadre
Name Designation Experience
1. Eng. Wael Muhammad Waleed Mardom Chairman of the Board of Directors 21 years
2. Eng. Mahmoud Muhammad Mardom Executive Director 21 years
3. Eng. Khaled Haj Ali Project Manager 8 years
4. Omar Haj Othman Finance Manager 25 years
5. Eng. Faisal Hasan Group In-charge 19 years
6. Eng. Muhammad Ezzuddine Site Engineer 5 years
7. Eng. Muhammad Abdullah Site Engineer 7 years
8. Eng. Husam Aldaioub Site Engineer 7 years
9. Eng. Abdullah Darweesh Site Engineer 3 years
10. Eng. Husin Ahmad Ali Site Engineer 3 years
11. Eng. Bahaa Saeed Quantity Engineer 3 years
12. Firas Muhammad Waleed Mardom Paint & Decor Manager 14 years
13. Yousuf Hasan Foreman 16 years
14. Yousuf Salama Foreman 16 years
15. Mazhar Ahmad Foreman 7 years
16. Sayed Foreman 7 years
17. Momer Zakhan Foreman 6 years
18. Nazeer Alislam Foreman 4 years
19. Amr Abdul-Hameed Foreman 4 years
20. Zakaryia Albuhiri Foreman 3 years
21. Aiyman Abdul-Maqsood Foreman 3 years
22. Husam Othman Foreman 2 years
23. Sameer AbdulAziz Foreman 2 years
24. Muhammad Mousa Foreman 1 year
25. Ezzudine Altahan Foreman 8 years
26. Amjad Safar P.R.O. 8 years
27. Muhammad Rushdi General Accountant 9 years
28. Mua’mmar Hasan General Accountant 3 years

As part of the Group's firmly established expansion plan, we have established a branch which is specialized in all types of Electrical, sanitary and Civil Defense works. This branch is F.A.W. grade A certified.
M.E.P. Branch
1. Eng. Omar Fraih MEP branch Manager 17 years
2. Eng. Hasan Ahmad Electrical Engineer 20 years
3. Eng. Suhail Fraih Electrical Engineer 13 years
4. Abdul-Samad Hussein Electrical Foreman 9 years
5. Ayman Omar Electrical Foreman 7 years
6. Ahmad Abdul-Qader Electrical Foreman 6 years
7. Muhammad Kazel Sanitary Foreman 5 years
8. Muhammad Refoqul Sanitary Foreman 4 years

Al-Ilham Painting & Decor
Technical Cadre
Name Designation Experience
1. Firas Muhammad Waleed Mardom Paint & Decor Manager 14 years
2. Ahmad Sameer Site In-charge 3 years
3. Eink Muhammad Hussein Foreman 8 years
4. Shaheel Rana Muhammad Foreman 8 years
5. Muhammad Abdul-Dai Muhammad Foreman 7 years

** The company has an added specialty which is a specialized Steel works branch with a distinguished cadre.
Al-Ilham Steel

Technical Cadre

Name Designation Experience
  1. Eng. Soujin Bawel Steel Branch Manager 18 years
  2. Eng. Gigouti ou Industrial Engineer 7 years
  3. Ravi Standran Biumal Foreman 9 years
  4. Abdul-Rahman Nazmudin Foreman 6 years
  5. Arif Khan Mersha Foreman 4 years
  6. Luqman Abdul-Khaliq Foreman 2 years

Company Vehicles
and Equipments
Machines and Equipments Details
1 Tower Crane Butan 5 Ton load capacity 2 Nos. German Made
2 Mobile Crane 1 No.
3 Hoist (Labor Lift ) 3
4 Steel Scaffolding for concrete slabs 4000m² Approx.
5 steel Jake for slabs 6500m²
6 Scaffolding for external works 13000m²
7 One ton pickup 5
8 Three ton pickup 2
9 30 seat bus 2
10 Cars for employees 16
11 Generators 150 KVA 3
12 Generators 40 KVA 2
13 Generators 20KVA 2
14 Generators of various capacities 15
15 Vibrator 8
16 Soil Compactor 12
17 Electrical steel Cutters 30
18 Steel Punching Machines 6
19 Steel Bending Machines 2


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • General Contractor 13 Projects
  • MEP Contractor 12 Projects
  • Infrastructure Contractor 1 Project
Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • All Kinds Of Building Projects Contracting


Al Ilham Building Contracting has not yet added certifications.


Al Ilham Building Contracting has not yet added awards.


Al Estiqlal
P.O.Box 19730

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