Since it was founded in 1968, Al Bassam International Factories L.L.C. has mounted a leading position in manufacturing Polyethylene, Fiberglass & GRP products. For the last four decades, Al Bassam has sold more than 1,000,000 tanks and therefore it has become a premium manufacturer in the region and has continued to deliver pioneered products with exceptional services at competitive & fair market rates in all diversified areas.
Among all the other tanks manufacturers, Al Bassam is the only one in this field which distinguished in having a single source for integrated solutions related to water tanks, starting with the superior tanks which are provide with a built-in water level indicator & air vents, Gold "plastic" water tanks, Silver "plastic" water tanks, Classic "plastic" water tanks, Insulated "plastic" water tanks (the first in the industry to produce these types of tanks) etc.
Al Bassam is located over a total area of 30,000 square meters and owns the biggest bi-axle machine in the world which enable us to run several production lines and that's what makes Al Bassam the only one in this industry that has a variety of products in different designs, shapes & colors with high quality products and delivers the products to customer on time.
Al Bassam has been constantly expanding and reached to a level where it has 11 branches all over U.A.E to make it easy to reach for our clients, as well as a huge fleet of 45 vehicles ready to serve you at your doorsteps.
Our multinational workforce consists of around 300 plus employees who are highly experienced, well trained and fully engaged in the innovation methods. These qualified staff are regularly participating in the research & development processes and contributing design enhancements through suggestion schemes.
To offer and supply a wide range of high quality products & reliable services by giving our utmost concern for a safe & healthy life which lead to everyone’s trust and satisfaction.
To serve at our best not only in the GCC and the Middle East but rapidly expand and make our products & services available, accessible and reachable to everyone at any point of the world



  • cGMP
    Issuer: TCCPL  -  Valid Until: Jan 7, 2022
  • WRAS Approval
  • WRAS Approval
  • WRAS Approval
  • ISO 9001


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Head Office
Al Nauimia 1
+971 6 746 8668

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