Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah Causeway

Kuwait Free Trade Zone, Kuwait

The project's scope of work involves the construction of infrastructure works located in Kuwait.

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway (SJSC) is one of the largest and most prestigious transport infrastructure endeavours in Kuwait. The project includes two links spanning across the Kuwait Bay between Kuwait City and the Subiyah area.

  • Main Causeway across Kuwait Bay linking the Shuwaikh Port area on the south side of the bay to the Subiyah New Town area to the north. The total length of the main causeway is 37 kilometers of which 27 kilometre is a marine bridge structure.

  • Doha Link which crosses the south of Kuwait Bay linking Shuwaikh Port with the Doha motorway. The Doha link is 12.43 kilometre in length and is predominantly a marine bridge structure.

Each of the Main Link and Doha Link consists of 2 carriageways of a total width of 30.6 meters and accommodates in each direction an outer edge, 3 traffic lanes and an emergency lane.

The project will also include the Visitor Center and Causeway Main Administration and Management Building for MPW on the Shuwaikh side. It will also feature two artificial islands of 30 hectares: one on the northern side and the other on the southern side of the bridge which will house maintenance and traffic emergency buildings, fueling stations and marina facilities. Tthe project reclaimed 1.5 million sq m of land for two ports.


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