Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences

Hospitality, Residential
Dubai, UAE

The project's scope of work consists of a resort development located at Palm Island, Dubai. Building on the successes of the current Atlantis resort, the dramatic openings that define phase 2 create a striking, recognisable new icon for Dubai.

Maximising exposure to the expansive Gulf and the one-of-a-kind Dubai skyline, these lushly landscaped sky-courts and terraces ensure that a substantial portion of the hotel rooms (and an even greater proportion of the residences) have full terraces, private pools, and shaded gardens. Each remaining room has a deep private balcony, in addition, to access to ample public terrace space at the hotel club, lounge, and roof-top restaurant.

The sky-courts and terraces are carefully designed to maximize guest experience. They are tuned to amplify shading and direct prevailing breezes over water and vegetation. This creates private oases that are passively cooled and comfortable for much of the day, most of the year.

Creating a unified whole, the Hotel Tower and Apartment Tower terrace down towards one another and are ultimately fused together by the “spa-bridge”. This terracing frames a dramatic roof-deck and “sky-pool” with unique views of the Gulf and Dubai skyline which promises to become a highly coveted space that will add value to both the hotel and residences.

The span of the spa-bridge frames a grand gateway between the two buildings which is punctuated with pools, lounges, cabanas and other amenities creating a lush oasis stepping down to the tranquil Palm Island lagoon. This gateway and other similar breezeways frame conference space, dining, resort amenities, and an expansive, light-filled, open lobby which serves as the heart of the complex. The 193-metre hotel and residences towers are joined together by a "spa bridge" which will have a 90-metre sky-pool at a height of 100 metres for the hotel’s guests that can be accessed by the residents as well. There will also be 65 outdoor pools in the residential wing.


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