Riyadh Rapid Bus Transit System

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Rapid Bus Transit System involves the 22 lines with a total length of 1200 kilometres and 6765 bus stops in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The system ensures fast, convenient and cost-effective mobility.

The bus network lines were divided into four different levels as follows:

  • First Level : This level includes 3 bus lines with a total length of 77.5 kilometres and 103 stations.

  • Second level: This level serves the city's main residential centres with two main lines totalling to 83 kilometres and 67 stations.

  • Third level: This level connects the Riyadh city residential neighbourhoods with each other. It includes 17 lines with a total length of 444 kilometres.

  • Fourth level: This level will be inside the residential districts with a total length of 600 kilometres.

The project also includes 3 parking & maintenance centres, which include workshops for regular maintenance, offices for the staff and parking areas for the bus fleet. The project will be delivered in three phases.


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