Dabdaba Photovoltaic Power Plant


The project's scope of work involves the construction of a 1500 megawatts photovoltaic solar plant located at Al Shegaya Renewable Energy Park, 100 km West of Kuwait City, Kuwait. The solar project is part of the country’s plans to produce 15 percent of power from renewable energy by 2030.

The 32 square-kilometer (12.3-square-mile) plant will save burning 5.2 million barrels of oil a year and reduce carbon emissions by 1.3 million tons annually.

The project includes the design of PV plants; procurement of all components including wiring, PV modules, inverters and control system; construction, performance testing, commissioning, operating and maintaining the plants for the period defined by KNPC; and training of staff for operating the plants upon completion of the operation and maintenance contract period.


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