Pandomo Seamless Cementitious Floors

Supplied by Optimum Engineering

Pandomo is a modern system used to create unique and eye-catching interior surfaces. Whether it’s a cementitious wall or cementitious floor finish, Pandomo is the right choice for people seeking modernity, harmony and openness in interior design. Due to the wide product range, the right system can be found for every desire and demand.

With Pandomo Wall Systems, new and individual wall surfaces can be created. The foundation of Pandomo Wall is a cementious smoothing compound that can be applied in different colors and textures. With a countless variety of colors, patterns and textures to choose from almost any desired effect can be achieved.

  • Floor

The variety and diversity of Pandomo cementitious Floor systems all provide durable and aesthetically pleasing surfaces. The client can choose between three Systems – Floor, FloorPlus and Loft. The basis of all three products is again a cementitious smoothing compound that can be applied in different colors. Pandomo FloorPlus is made with the addition of special hard granules that increases the scratch resistance by 30 %. Pandomo Loft is a product based on Pandomo Floor but it is particularly hard-wearing and should be used in more public areas.

  • Terrazzo

Timeless, creative, traditional – Terrazzo is the ideal choice to upgrade the floor with a special local flair. Terrazzo can be applied in three different variations: TerrazzoBasic, TerrazzoMicro and TerrazzoPlus.


Manufacturer Ardex
Country of origin Germany
Usage Indoor

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