Optimum Decorative Finishes

Supplied by Optimum Engineering

Optimum Engineering being representatives of many renowned paint manufacturing companies, Optimum offers a wide range of standard manufacturer’s coatings. Combining the high quality of the material provided by the manufacturer and a proper application and professional service provided by Optimum, the end result that meets the highest performance requirements is guaranteed.

Optimum skilled craftsmen are highly trained in all aspects of decorative paints and are trained to deliver world-class special paint, plaster finishes and effects. Knowing the nature and behaviour of each material is essential for achieving consistency and durability.

The coatings range includes:

  • Technical External Coatings
  • Internal Decorative Coatings
  • Hygienic Coatings (Laboratories and Hospitals)
  • Wide Range of Polished Plaster Finishes


Manufacturer Decorative Paints
Country of origin Italy

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