Our company was formed in 2004 as AL Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C LLC. We are located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. We have been licensed in the Sharjah Emirate, Municipality & Planning Department for the past 6 years.

Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. is owned by Mr Eisa Obaid Humaid Rashid Al Suwaidi and Mr Mohammed Eisa Obaid Humaid Rashid Al Suwaidi. The company is managed by Mr Eisa Obaid Humaid Rashid Al Suwaidi along with Engineer Ahmed Salim and professional engineers. Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C is a sister company of Court Real Estate which was founded in 1989.

We specialize in construction, Civil work, Steel structure, MEP for both commercial developments and residential development as well.

We understand the importance of meeting your needs so that we can assist you in achieving your business goals; that's why we are committed to completing every project on time and within budget. We thrive to work with owners and engineers to help get projects in budget and completed on time. We work closely together with soil engineers to achieve the highest level of quality.

Based on the specific needs of the client, Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C work in tandem with the owner and project team to outline project criteria and objectives. We offer our full services to budget, estimate, and bid and buyout projects under the owner's interest and can supervise, coordinate, and direct project operations as the owner's agent.

Company Profile

Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. is committed to surpassing the expectations of our clients, subcontractors, and suppliers by developing relationships through integrity, professionalism, and service which yields the highest quality construction projects.

The Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. team is made up of over-achievers who see to it that our customers receive the very best. Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. is quality individuals producing quality projects. Excellence is our goal as well as our obligation to our clients. From pre-construction services through project completion, Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. is committed to exceeding our clients' expectations. Through each process of the complete services provided by our organization, we maintain and set the industry standards for professionalism and integrity. Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve their goals.

Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. works closely with the Architect and Engineers to ensure a quality project through the preparation of detailed and comprehensive project budgets and construction schedules. We develop the most beneficial sequence of construction to meet the needs of the client. Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. performs a detailed review of the plans and specifications. Plan reviews done in cooperation with the Client and the Architect ensures the construction documents will yield better subcontractor pricing and minimize change order expense during the project. With our experience, we have a thorough understanding of the special needs of our clients for accuracy in planning, budgeting, and scheduling of the construction project

Quality Control

Through built-in monitoring and implementation procedures, Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C is committed to delivering a quality construction project and final product. The procedures begin during the pre-construction phase with in-house plan reviews, budgeting and value engineering services, and subcontractor selection. After construction has commenced, quality is achieved through a series of pre-construction conferences for coordinating the various phases of work, monitoring shop drawings and submittals for adherence to plans and specifications, maintaining a clean and safe project site, and employing qualified and competent field supervision. The Quality Control procedures mesh together through a concentrated effort of teamwork involving Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. Estimators, Area Manager, Project Managers, Safety Manager and Field Staff to deliver the Client a successful project.

Safety First

At Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C, safety is a primary concern. Our full-time Safety Manager visits each individual project site, performs regular staff training and networks with others to ensure safe working conditions are being maintained. Weekly safety meetings are held on each project site between the Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. site staff and subcontractors to stress the importance of jobsite safety and to keep safety in the minds of each individual working on the site. At Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. we are always improving.

Repeat client business is our goal; Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C commitment to our client does not end with the completion of the project. We strive through our quality control program to minimize warranty needs. However, when warranty issues arise, we have a full-time Warranty Service staff to provide a timely response and follow-up to our clients needs to minimize inconveniences.

General Construction

Al Tawash Building Contracting L.L.C. wants to be recognized as a top general contractor. Our experience and reputation is built on fulfilling our client's needs. As a full-service construction provider, we work closely with the project team from project conception to project completion. We perform all of the office support, field administration, supervision; coordination and scheduling of work ourselves and will typically perform specific trade work (i.e. foundations, concrete, forming, carpentry, layout, hardware, etc.) with our own forces.

Al Tawash Building Contracting Company employs qualified staff and experience workers in the following nos. :

Office Staff

S. #      Position                               Total nos.

1.      General Manager                         1 no.

2.      Area Manager                              1 no.

3.      Project Manager                           1 no.

4.      Project Engineers                         4 nos.

5.      Site Engineers                             4 nos.

6.      MEP Engineer                              1 no.

7.      Purchase Officer                          1 no.

8.      Secretary                                   2 nos.

9.      Accountant                                 2 nos.

10.    Electrical & Plumbing Supervisor    3 nos.

11.      Office Coordinator                      1 no.


Skilled Workers

S. #     Position                               Total nos.

1.       Mason                                     30 nos.

2.       Steel Fixers                              25 nos.

3.       Carpenters                               35 nos.

4.       Helpers                                    42 nos.

5.       Electricians                               15 nos.

6.       Plumbers                                 15 nos.

7.       Welder                                      5 nos.

8.       Painter                                    30 nos.

9.       Foremen                                   4 nos. 

10      Drivers                                      6 nos.

For the past previous years, we began, to accomplished Villas, Residential Buildings and Warehouses in different Area’s, of Sharjah, U.A.E., delivered with fulfilled requirements from our clients.


* 2 Bldgs.G+1 Parking Area + 5 Typical Floors Owned by: Al Shaeik Mohammed Abdullah M.Al Thani Al Muweillah, Sharjah Project Value: AED. 16,625,000.00/each with a total amount of AED. 33,250,000.00.

* 2 Bldgs. G+1 Parking Area + 5 Typical Floors owned by: Al Shaiek Abdullah Mohammed Ali Al Thani Al Muweillah, Sharjah Project Value: AED. 30,125,000.00/each with a total amount of AED. 60,250,000.00

* G+3 Residential Bldg. – Al Muweilah Owned by: Mr. Mohammed Butti Project Value: AED. 2,200,000.00

* G+2 B + M + 10 Storey Hotels + Health Club Owned by: Mr. Essa Obaid Al Suwaidi Budanig Area, Sharjah Project Value: AED. 42,469,000.00

* Labor Accommodation & Warehouses of Mr. Mohammad Obaid Al Suweidi Industrial Area # 10, - Sharjah Project Value: AED. 3,651,000.00

* G+1 Villa Of Mr. Issa Obaid Al Suweidi Al Khan, Sharjah Project Value: AED. 4,000,000.00 * G+6+Penthouse Of Dr. Abdul Latheef Al Tereifi Al Nabaa, Sharjah Project Value: AED. 3,186,000.00

* G+1 School Building Of Mr. Hamed Taher Al Hag Al Azra, Sharjah Project Value: AED. 9,000,000.00

* G+3 Bldg. of Mr. Hamed Taher Hagoune Al Hag Al Muweillah, Sharjah Project Value: AED. 2,300,999.00

* G+3 Bldg. of Mr. Abdl. Al Jaleel Hagoune And Hamed Taher Hagoune Al Hag Al Muweillah, Sharjah Project Value: AED. 4,941,000.00



                          Telephone - 06-5736669 Direct Line

                         Telephone - 06-5736665

                         Fax no.     - 06-5736662

                         Mobile      - 050/6338581

                         P.O. Box: 39876; 392 Sharjah

Abu Dhabi

                         Telephone - 02-4439925

                          Fax          - 02-4439956

                         P.O. Box: 6296 Abu Dhabi

You can email us;




We believe, the "Road to Success" in Building Construction is to give the clients

                                a result of Satisfaction.


Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • all kinds of building projects contracting (22020109)


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Al Tawash Bldg. Cont. Llc Head Office pin location
Head Office
Mozen Mohd Rashid Al Mazroui Bldg.
Baniyas Street
1st Floor
Abu Dhabi
P.O.Box 29566
Abu Dhabi
Founded in 2009

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