TIGER CONTRACTING Company (L.L.C.) is one of the largest development construction company in the United Arab Emirates operating in Sharjah and Dubai.

The company was founded in 1976 by H.H. Sheikh Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Mohammad Al-Qasimi & Mr.Waleed Mohammad Mohammad. The company has been classified as first class of building contracting activities. Ever Since the company was founded in 1976, the founders were determined to provide the best possible level of technical services in the contracting field. Subsequently, T.C.C. went at full speed ahead for the last twelve years to provide distinct and continuous services.

T.C.C. is equipped with a staff of highly qualified & experienced professional engineers and highly skilled & trained technicians & labors.

It is the policy of T.C.C. to:

  • Ensure that its standard and reputation for high quality services are maintained and enhanced.

  • Provide its clients at all times with services complying with international standards of quality for all aspects of construction works.

  • Meet the expectations and needs of clients. To achieve this aim, T.C.C. has developed and shall maintain & implement the procedures for all functions in accordance with the International Quality Control requirements. These procedures are subject to schedule and its audits and to an overall annual review.

The goal behind these procedures is to direct the staff of T.C.C. with regard to their required duties and to provide sufficient assurance that the work undertaken by T.C.C. shall achieve fitness for the purposes in every service by planned and systematic methods that determine, assess and achieve quality in conformance with the International Quality Control requirements.

The top management and employees of T.C.C. are strongly committed to ensuring compliance with T.C.C. policy. The policy is implemented through the company’s quality system, which covers the company’s operations and applies to all company personnel.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • General Contractor 60 Projects
  • MEP Contractor 37 Projects
  • Developer 4 Projects
  • Owner 2 Projects
  • Piling Contractor 1 Project
Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • Maintenance Of Electrical Installations
  • All Kinds Of Building Projects Contracting


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Tiger Contracting Company has not yet added awards.


Tahnoon Bin Mohamed Building
Electra Street
18th Floor, Unit #183
PO Box 32864
Abu Dhabi

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