After qualifying as a state-certified architect in Paris in 1981, Adeline Rispal joined Jean Nouvel, where she worked with Jean-Jacques Raynaud and Antoinette Robain on the architectural and museographic project for the Institut du Monde Arabe from 1982 to 1988.
In 1990, she, Jean-Jacques Raynaud, Louis Tournoux and Jean-Michel Laterrade founded the firm Repérages Architectures, which she ran from 1996.
In 2010, she established Studio Adeline Rispal with Sonia Glasberg and Alain Dupuy.

Adeline Rispal specialises in designing complex cultural heritage projects. Her work includes defining contractor objectives and dealing with the architectural, museographic and scenographic aspects of projects.
Working in the domain for over 20 years has enabled Adeline to amass intellectual and social experience that powers her vision of the issues of culture and heritage: visual arts, music, history, ethnology, anthropology, industry, techniques etc.

She works in France, Europe, Russia, the USA and the Arab World (Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia) where she leads and coordinates multi-disciplinary teams of international experts in all aspects of cultural heritage projects.

She is alternate member of the High Council of French Museums.


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  • Design Architect 1 Project


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Head Office
23, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis

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