Yanbu Crude Oil to Chemical Complex

Oil and gas
Saudi Arabia

The project's scope of work involves the construction of a crude oil-to-chemicals plant located in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. The plant will be a fully integrated facility to process crude oil into petrochemicals.

The project would process about 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Arabian light crude oil to make about 9 million tonnes of chemicals and base oils a year, plus 200,000 bpd of diesel for domestic use. The complex would process crude at international prices to make polyethylene, polypropylene, xylene, benzene and other products.

The COTC complex will comprise of several plants such as: a 400,000-barrels-per-day integrated crude distillation and vacuum unit, a distillate hydro-treater, a vacuum gas oil hydro-cracker, a residual fluid catalytic cracking unit, a mixed feed cracker and a polyethylene, polypropylene, butadiene and aromatics recovery units. The project will have a technology that allows conversion of crude oil to petrochemical products at the highest ever achieved conversion rate in a competitive and sustainable way. The COTC complex will comprise an innovative configuration of unit operations that, in combination, will generate the world's highest yield conversion of oil to chemicals. It is expected to utilize around 10 million metric tons of crude oil at the complex to produce petrochemicals and eventually advanced specialty chemicals in line with SABIC's 2025 strategy.

In this Oil-To-Chemical project, Sabic is considering to use the refined crude oil to feed directly three steam crackers, each one dedicated to:

  • Naphtha
  • Fuel oil
  • Natural gas liquids (NGL)

Then olefin and aromatic petrochemical units will be integrated together around these crackers.


Saudi Aramco
  • Role(s): Developer, Feasibility Consultant

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