PROFILES RH LLC was established in 1991 with a workforce of nearly 20 employees. During its first year of full operation, the company rested its efforts within its Sales & Marketing, Research & Development, Quality Control & Quality Assurance managed by professionals from all across the Middle East and supported by a labour force from Southeast Asia. In the years that followed, the company continued to improve and preserve its position as a leader in its industry, adjusting to economic cycles and reconfigured playing fields through diversification, restructuring and reorganisation.

Great concentration of efforts were placed in the sales, production, deliveries and collections divisions, creating what had later become the company’s credo to “Never Say No to a Customer Requirement”. In the beginning, the main products were polyurethane insulated sandwich panels used for roofing of warehouses. The market started demanding the secondary supports where the company had begun to manufacture and supply newer and better products, leading to more demand in primary supports, cold stores, refrigerated trucks, pre-painted metals.

In 1993, PROFILES had considered providing its services as a sub-contractor, but the success shared within the organisation and the financial exposure it reaped from its projects allowed it to expand its services further. In 1995, PROFILES had begun to position itself as a main contractor, capable of producing all the elements required for warehouses, including the civil works such as foundations, floorings, block walls, office areas, septic tanks, toilets, and interlocking tiles. The ever-more-precise specifications of our customers provided greater incentives for PROFILES to set up its own production of aluminum sheets used for roofing warehouses, as well as producing its own polyester paints, polyester polyols for the production of its polyurethane panels, powder coating lines, wet coating lines, water jets cutting lines, de-lacquering furnaces, revervatory melting furnaces, rotary furnaces, annealing furnaces, shredding equipment, and used beverage cans recycling lines.

This move allowed for great return on investment (ROI) and in reducing the number of sub-contracted projects. PROFILES invested heavily in resources to train its workforce to generate a competitive return on capital and to meet financial and stakeholder obligations. Consequently, the company had experienced substantial growth, in addition to applying internationally recognised health, safety and environment regulations.

The company has touched new heights when it commissioned the first phase of its dream project “Aluminium Rolling Mill” in 2000 where it saw its efforts expand to cater to the capacity of 70,000 tons per year. This aluminum rolling mill division manufactures aluminum coils for industrial use and polykraft-insulated aluminum coils for petrochemical companies earning the credentials as the first company outside the US to manufacture Insulated Aluminium Coils and profiles for the requirement of Petrochemical Industries through its own Research and Development. As a result of the success gained from its steel fabrication division, PROFILES’ capacity has increased from 9,000 tons per year (typ) to 20,000typ. This expansion was commissioned in autumn of 2006 and cladding division’s plant capacity had doubled from its 3.3-million sqm a year to 6-million sqm a year.

Design and fabrication of PROFILES’ products are conducted according to international standards employing state-of-the-art technologies in its 670,000 sq. ft. production facilities.
The company’s product range includes structural steel, Z/C purlins, roofing sheets, polyurethane insulated panels, flashing and trims to complete a warehouse, factory, shopping mall and sports/recreation club. The company also specializes in skid mounted refrigerated containers, cold stores, porta-cabins, metal jacketing, aluminum coils and strips, as well as in the design, fabrication, supply and erection of pre-engineered steel buildings – an endeavour which earned PROFILES a sales turnover of nearly Dhs.280 million ($76.24million), a 40 percent increase from its sales in 2005.

Banking on the high technical capacity of its employees, Profiles has started the launch of Multi Storied Buildings as well, with in-house Civil, MEP, Electrical, A/C and Logistics Divisions. At present Profiles has been licensed for its activities with the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.
The backbone of the company is its strong R&D and Maintenance department which has highly skilled technicians and Engineers not only to Maintain and Run the existing plants but also capable of Designing and Fabrication of Machineries and Equipment required for various departments.

Among PROFILES’ achievements include two fast track projects: 25 sheds for Al Rawda Poultry Farms and a 400,000 sq. ft. project for Liberty Investments which includes 96 warehouses.

At present, the company’s sales team covers the Arab world, as well as Africa, Asia and North America. Having all such activities under one roof makes PROFILES a leader and in a unique position in the steel construction world, and with its research and development, coupled with planning and expansion, will surely ensure that such position will be maintained in the future.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • General Contractor 8 Projects
  • MEP Contractor 7 Projects
Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • General Contracting Of Civil Constructions


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Head Office
Mashreq Bank Bldg.
Khalifa Street
10th Floor, 1002
P.O.Box 113083

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