Power Spray Electro Mechanical is one of the leading companies dedicated in the field of electrical works relevance to the project capabilities and provides a high quality of management. Power Spray specializes in industrial, utility, commercial and institutional electrical installations and maintenance. Our staff consists of qualified personnel, thoroughly experienced in electrical systems application to equipment, and structural requirements, regardless of the project size. Power Spray give individual attention to every job, preparing precise estimates coupled with functional system layouts and designs. The company focus on bringing to clients the most innovative solutions that would result in elevating their business success. Our engineering specialists work collaboratively with clients to achieve responsive designs and integrated systems to create flexible, efficient, and cost effective environments. With over two years in the construction industry the company have accumulated a vast array of experience and knowledge that enables us to serve your many electrical needs.

Power Spray have a commitment to delivering quality performance, workmanship and on-time completion on all projects. The company have the management team dedicated to service your projects with the expertise you expect and help eliminate problems before they exist.

Power Spray will help you achieve your goals, from the very simple to the most complex. Power Spray has extensive experience in designing, supplying, installing, testing and commissioning all sorts of Medium Voltage and High voltage projects. Blending several years of field experience with AutoCAD software, in house electrical design, blueprint printing services, an in-depth knowledge of governing electrical codes and the implementation of computerized estimating, has given us the ability to submit swift, competitive proposals based upon competent systems design and complete projects on time and within budget.

Our panel of expert engineers, skilled supervisors, dedicated workmanship and the management team works with a great sense of pride and construction.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • MEP Contractor 12 Projects


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Abu Dhabi Office - Head Office
Al Masraf Bank Building, 9th Floor
Abu Dhabi

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