The idea of preserving Oman’s heritage captured the attention of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may God protect and bless him, in the early years of the Renaissance and at a time when he was building the foundations for the great nation he envisioned. Royal Decree number 12/76, issued on 10th Raby’ al-Thaany 1396 AH / 10th April 1976 AD established the Ministry of National Heritage and represented the confirmation of this vision. On 25th Jumaada al-Thaany 1399 AH / 22nd May 1979 AD the cultural jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information and Culture was transferred to the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. On 2nd Thw al-Hijjah 1422 AH / 14th February 2002 AD, Royal Decree number 10/2002 was issued changing the title of the Ministry to the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. A further Royal Decree was issued on 17th Muharram 1426 AH / 26th February 2005 AD specifying the jurisdiction and approving the new organisational structure of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, whose duties included maintenance and care of archaeological sites, museums and historical buildings, collecting and protecting documents and records, overseeing traditional arts, enhancing the quality of theatre, music, cinema and fine arts, emphasising national participation in the development of Oman’s culture, encouraging intellectual production, holding cultural exhibitions and festivals locally, regionally and internationally in order to enhance cultural communication with other countries, and coordinating with Arab, regional and international authorities and organisations with similar interests.


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