Since its inception in 1992, ITICO has evolved to become one of Bahrain’s most visionary and progressive companies, leveraging its strong foundations within the Kingdom to enhance its operations and influence across the MENA region and beyond. ITICO’s consistent growth and performance is underpinned by the collective experience of its founders, some of whom draw on nearly three decades of proven business acumen and versatile relationships forged throughout the early formative years of the GCC market.

It is this calibre of leadership coupled with a pervasive attitude of innovation and exploration which has fuelled ITICO’s expansion and diversification. Strategic joint ventures and affiliations have been complemented by timely investment in promising concepts and companies, while opportunities in the thriving regional real estate markets have been swiftly seized and capitalized on with several high-profile projects. Similarly, by placing an enduring emphasis on knowledge, research and analysis, ITICO has created a dynamic group of consultancies specializing in highly skilled disciplines and premium services.
Approaching investment from a strategic and long-term perspective, ITICO also excels at bringing together diverse interests and stakeholders, identifying fertile areas for collaboration, and facilitating the joint attainment of mutual goals and objectives towards fruitful and productive returns.

ITICO’s approach to quality investments spreads across a diverse spectrum of wholly-owned companies, joint-ventures, franchise operations and affiliate arrangements. It is active across several countries around the world, and its dynamic portfolio ranges from world-class real estate development and project management, investment and advisory consultancies, highly specialized finance, to successful food and beverage operations, quality oil and gas services, and providing alternative clean energy. Therefore, ITICO’s portfolio can be broadly classified into six core areas, namely real estate; advisory and consultation; banking and financial, restaurant and food; oil and gas; and alternative energy divisions.


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Saar Office - Head Office
Sa'ar Town
Block 533, Road 3311, Building 374, Hisham Park
PO Box 5780
Northern Governorate

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