Dar Al Shifaa Hospital is the first private hospital in Abu Dhabi licensed by the Ministry of Health during April 1982. Over the years it has proved to be productive and growing in the private sector of health care in the country. Our aim is to create one of the largest private institutions housed under one roof with a combination of high technology medical innovations, and human care. Under the new leadership, the image of the hospital has radically changed. There has been a tremendous improvement in employing staff, diagnostic equipments as well as treatment. Above all there is a new attitude in labor force as well as plans to upgrade programs for all the pre-existing facilities and units. The hospital has 15 Room equipped with central suction systems. Additionally, it also facilitates modern sophisticated medical equipment, with an in-patient and outpatient unit to conduct critical and typical routine surgeries.

Our high caliber Consultants all the departments with extensive experience in their respective areas of specialization. High qualified staff that words on state of the art equipment. Internationally acclaimed consultants are invited on a regular basis to perform specialized operations and procedures. These visits serve to cut down on the need for patients to travel abroad at high personal expenses.

Our reputation for providing high-quality and valuable patient care Services has to reach beyond the hospital borders - thanks to the excellent Team of Professionals, and the good health care we provide. We are trying to improve the services of our hospital through means of state-of-the-art Technology. Most services must be geared towards the Clinical and Surgical departments, and easy to find information about each service.


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Head Office
P.O.Box 2519
Abu Dhabi

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