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Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • General Contractor 5 Projects
  • MEP Contractor 3 Projects
  • Infrastructure Contractor 1 Project
Abu Dhabi Chamber Of Commerce
  • Building Demotlition And Other Constructions And Debris Clearing
  • Onshore & Offshore Gas & Oil & Fields Services
  • Electrical Fittings And Installations Repair
  • Installing Insulation Works (water, Heat, Sound)
  • Main Road, Street & Related Work Contracting - Third Grade
  • All Kinds Of Building Projects Contracting - Special Grade
  • Steel Construction Contracting - Special Grade
  • Civil Works For Power Generation Stations & Water Purification Stations - Forth Class
  • Power Transmission & Distribution Network Contracting. Third Grade
  • Water Project Contracting- Water Main Network. First Grade
  • Water Project Contracting. Sub-network. First Grade
  • Irrigation Network Contracting -fourth Grade
  • Sewerage Project Contracting-rain Water Drainage-third Class
  • Water Distribution Networks And Stations Contracting - First Grade
  • Water Distribution Netwoks And Stations Contrtacting - First Grade
  • Sewerage Sub-network And Residential Pipe-laying Contracting- Fourth Class
  • Installing And Repairing Cooling System And Air Conditioning Contracting - Works-third Grade
  • Telecommunication Network Contracting-fourth Class
  • Electromechanical Works Projects - Secoond Grade
  • Warer Well Drilling Contracting - Fourth Grade
  • Afforestation Contracting - Fourth Grade


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Head Office
Villa 7
Sheikh Rashid Road
P.O. Box 25224
Abu Dhabi

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