We are a company that serves you purity, trust and happiness in little bottles across the United Arab Emirates. The genesis of Barakat dates back to 1976 with our humble beginnings in the trade of fresh vegetables and fruits – a tradition that Barakat has preserved till date through fresh juices, cut & packed fruits & vegetables.

With an aim to ensure that ‘fresh & healthy products’ reach households without riders, gimmicks & preservatives, we rolled out Barakat Fresh Juices in retail in the year 2002, and have since then won the confidence of a flourishing customer & fan-base with our 100% fresh juices and other products.

Our success supplemented the efforts of catering to a large clientele base in the Hospitality industry, where our fresh fruits, veggies and juices which were already being relished before we stepped up production to bring the goodness to your households.

Hospitality – our etiquette and expertise
Working on the lines of an extended kitchen, Barakat is a major supplier of produce to the Hospitality industry in the region which drastically reduces the work-load of chefs and helps them focus their resources on their core-competencies.

Our cut fruit, diced & sliced vegetables, bottled juices, fresh sorbets, gelatos and other integral products have reached a host of reputed hotels like The Hilton, Starwood Group, Jumeirah Group and The Hyatt Group. Our products are offered as a part of Emirates Flight Catering too, ensuring quality and good health thousands of feet above the ground level.

What we do
Modern day life is hectic. It often becomes hard to find time or an easier option to look after our own fitness. It is understandable that the extra efforts seem daunting when we live between traffic lights, deadlines and social commitments. Nonetheless, it's important to stay healthy and fit.

Cooking for oneself is a recommended option; it's an ideal way to be sure of the exact ingredients going in your food. But buying fresh vegetables and cutting them after work for instance or peeling fruits while heading for a meet is difficult. This is exactly where our founding Chef envisioned was the role for Barakat in your life - we are your one-stop freshness destination be it fruits, vegetables or anything that you would like ready-to-cook.
Barakat endeavors to ease the pitfall of urban life. We offer a wide array of farm fresh produces that are flown from all over the world for your kitchen. All you have to do is, make the right choice.

Barakat products are honest, healthy and available at a market near you. We provide you with fresh fruit juices, fruit salads, cut vegetables, vegetable juices, soups, sorbets, and a host of nature's freshness that will re-ignite your quest for good health.

We welcome you to discover our freshness journey on our web site and who knows, you could find your secret to wellbeing in this process. The good news is that we are merely going back to the basics. Almost like starting afresh with fresh ingredients to reboot your life ... naturally!


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