Al Mukmal in Arabic means the velvet… the symbol of luxury, sophistication and smoothness all over the history of human dealing with beauty. We have strived "Velvet / Mukmal" up to its name, so that "Al Mukmal" on the whole levels of activities and its fine status a symbol for elegance in Jeddah city the bride of the red sea.

"Al Mukmal" was established in January 1993 to offer, substance and elegance in the field of furniture and internal designing..."Al Mukmal" achieved this through selecting and providiing the best of furniture fabrics, upholstery and accessories from European and American suppliers through a state of the art.Showroom conveniently located in the hearth of Jeddah. "Al Mukmal" has successfully satisfied demands of loyal and discerning clientele. As with any growing organization "Al Mukmal" ventured into real estate investment, by launching our flagship project "Al Mukmal Plaza" on the Palestine Street. "Al Mukmal Plaza" currently houses the groups head office and "Al Mukmal" Furniture showroom, and has leased out office and showroom space to leading organizations.

As an evolutionary step in furthering our real estate business, in the year 2001 "Al Mukmal" ventured into luxury segment, by building 26 fully furnished Andalusian themed villas on the red sea beach resort of Durrat AlArous, which are leased out on short and long term leases.

Based on the success and experience gained from the above ventures and an ever increasing demand for quality office,commercial and residential space,"Al Mukmal" commissioned "Al Mukmal Tower" in the up market and highly desirable area of AlRawdha district in Jeddah.

At "Al Mukmal" expansion and integration is a natural progression from its humble beginnings almost a decade ago. The growth lives up-to the mission and vision of the group founders in placing the Group amongst providers of the finest in the field of high class real estate and elegant and luxurious furniture and interior designing


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Jeddah Office - Head Office
Makkah Province
Saudi Arabia

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