Architecture is more than producing an object, or even a landmark building. It is the art of creating inspiring places for people to work, live and play.
Established and led by Michel Mossessian, Mossessian Architecture is an award-winning London-based architecture practice.

Everything we do revolves around people, encouraging them to interact with each other and engage with their surroundings. From involving clients in our collaborative design process to designing buildings and public spaces for people to live, work and play, we are avoiding elitist ‘ivory tower’ attitudes to claim an architecture in favour of a culturally responsive approach. Different each time, our design forms are unique and specific to their context, climate and end users.
Since our foundation in 2005 we have continually validated our ever-growing reputation for work of the highest calibre. Key to our success is our original ‘Black Box’ process, our pioneering approach that informs the vision from the outset of every project.

Our 20-strong team encompasses experts of a variety of nationalities, with knowledge and experience in architecture, masterplanning, technology and research, all promoting innovation for the built environment. Our people-based ethos is reflected throughout our team, encouraging engagement with each other and in carefully selecting experts in each required field to best inform our Black Box methodology.
We are committed to benefiting society and adding cultural value through our work. For us, iconic architecture creates a dialogue with its context, environment and culture, thinking past its exterior form. Our passion extends beyond buildings, focussing on the people that inhabit spaces, the local environment and public arenas. This determination of ‘sculpting the void’ has allowed us to deliver successful projects across the world.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • Design Architect 4 Projects
  • Architect of Record 2 Projects


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Head Office
31-37 Hoxton Street
N1 6NL
United Kingdom

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