Geoharbour Group is a global professional entity originally specializing in geotechnical investigation, design , research, construction and consultancy, a chief editor of China Standard of Reclamation Soil Treatment, and a director member of Technical Committee of China Soft Soil Treatment. So far Geoharbour Group has developed into a complex entity with business of dredging, road and bridge construction, foundation engineering and jetty construction.

As a professional entity, Geoharbour Group who owns over 30 patents has completed over 300 large-scale projects over the past 10 years, total area of soil treatment has been over 10,000 hectare involving a variety of job sites, infrastructures and facilities, inclusive of roadways, airport runways, port stack yards, petrochemical facilities, ground reclamation, power plants and factory buildings etc. Under the spirit of Value Gained from Professional Service, the Group is devoted to serving a broad range of clients relevant to geotechnical needs. The Group is extensively experienced in coastal land reclamation, civil works and industry facilities, and promises a client the most cost-effective scenario, i.e., the best outcomes with the least investment and time. It is estimated that around billions of Chinese Yuan have been saved over the past 10 years.

Geoharbour Group has been taking an active role in the development and innovation of technology and scenario, aiming at the best outcomes with the least investment. Geoharbour has been insisting to create more value for clients with its professional knowledge.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • Piling Contractor 5 Projects
  • Shoring Contractor 5 Projects
  • Foundation Contractor 2 Projects
  • Soil Improvement Contractor 1 Project


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Geoharbour Building, 6A, No. 1228, Jiangchang Rd., Jing'an District, Shanghai, 200434, P.R. China

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