La description

Summour General Contracting and Maintenance Company was formed to meet modern engineering and construction challenges by successfully implementing, as a general contractor, civil and commercial projects in the UAE.

Summour General Contracting and Maintenance Company provides highly trained and well-experienced management executives, engineers and technical staff, consists of highly skilled workers and laborers. The company's structure and resources meet the high expectations of its clients, and can effectively respond to the exacting and challenging demands of construction activities in the UAE.

The company currently employees over 100 people engaging in different departments, and of various nationalities. It is endowed with the leadership of well-experienced construction management executives, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, and highly competent technical staff.

Summour General Contracting and Maintenance Company will continue to expand their business, comprising full-scale and integrated capabilities in engineering, construction and maintenance.


Pro Tenders Industry Classification
  • General Contractor
  • MEP Contractor



Summour General Contracting & Maintenance Company n'a pas encore ajouté de prix.


Abu Dhabi Office - Head Office
Next to KM Hyper Market
Al Nahyan Camp, Mezzanine Floor
Abu Dhabi
PO Box 75402
Abu Dhabi
Fondé en 2004

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