Streamlined eTendering

ProTenders's unique 5-step process helps you create and post tenders, collaborate with documenters and verifiers, submit bids or apply for relevant tenders – while being in total control of the entire process. Available 24/7, from everywhere.

All your tenders in one place

ProTenders is your central hub for all tender activity, from managing your own tenders and inviting participants, to uploading and reviewing documents and submitting bids. As a member, you can access, review and work on hundreds of tenders posted on ProTenders at any time by any of the other members or access all archived and documented history of all tenders offered by any particular company.

Let us take you by the hand

ProTenders's intuitive User Interface ensure you are never lost in your tenders. Whether you are working with one tender of hundreds at the same time, you will always know exactly what needs your attention.

Total Security

ProTenders uses powerful proprietary software that ensures that your company’s e-Tender data remains safe from fraud and malicious use. With no software or hardware to install, clients are assured total confidentiality and security in their transactions.

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