Smart Bill of Quantities

ProTenders's smart BOQs makes incomplete or falsified bids something of the past thanks to its precise item-by-item permission system that allows you to control exactly which items can be replaced, edited or priced by bidders.

Powerful BOQ Editor

Build your BOQs online using our fast and convenient free-form BOQ Editor. Easily add one or thousands of items and categories, notes and bidder permissions – all from within the same screen. ProTenders automatically saves your work so that your work is always safe.

Control Systems

Have complete control over how bidders price their bids with ProTenders's fine control that allow you to control precisely which items can be replaced, which ones can be edited and which ones must be priced. Bidders will only be able to submit their bids if they comply with your requirements, thus ensuring the bids you receive are always precise.

Format Conversion

If you already have your own BOQs in Excel format or prefer to work offline, you can also easily import them on to the ProTenders platform later by converting them to the standard CSV format first and uploading them. You can also export your BOQs to Excel at any point in time.

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