Document Management

Easily collaborate with architects, engineers, project managers and verifiers to build the perfect tender documentation set, version controlled and secured. Welcome to the paperless tender, powered by ProTenders.

Collaborative Documentation

At ProTenders's core is a powerful and feature-complete Document Management engine, designed from the ground up to handle all your eTendering needs. Upload and update drawings, specifications and legal documents or import your bill of quantities straight from Excel to create your complete document set. You are in total control of your tender's documents.

Reviews & Approvals

Never print and stamp tender documents before sending them for approval by authorities. Thanks to ProTenders's built-in document review system, consultants and documenters can send their documents for review with the click of a button. Governments, local authorities, real estate developers or banks can then easily assign specific documents to individul reviewers and quickly complete the approval process. Every review note is stored and can be retreived at any point in time for comparison or audit.

Safe & Secure

All documents are version controlled and their history can be easily accessed and reviewed by company auditors at any point in time. Each and every document that is uploaded, approved or accepted is automatically stamped with the company’s stamp, watermarked and stored in a secure destination, making it impossible to forge by unauthorized parties.

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