Dukta Acoustic Systems Wood

Supplied by Optimum Engineering

Dukta Acoustic Systems Wood are suited to acoustically-sensitive rooms such as recording studios, cinemas, concert halls, restaurants, foyers, teaching rooms etc. Measurements made by EMPA Schweiz (Swiss federal laboratories for materials science and technology) confirmed the high absorption properties. Sound absorption and diffusion can be controlled by the waveform and the backfilling of the elements. The excellent acoustic properties and fascinating aesthetic enable you to create spatial experiences to the highest standards.

The wave-shaped geometry of the panels direct sound waves, coming from all directions, into the openings and absorb them. The different distances to the back wall, created through the waves, enable the panels to capture both short and long waves (high and low frequency).


Manufacturer Kolar
Collection Dukta Flexible Wood
Country of origin Austria
Usage Restaurants, Foyers, Teaching Rooms, Recording Studios, Cinemas, Concert Halls
Features High Absorption, Formaldehyde Emission Free, Fire Rated, Eco Friendly

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